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Welcome and thanks for being here. If you are here you are co working with me and my valuable clients through Alive Wellness Retreats, Human Potential Unlimited or through my personal brand.

I always work with a integrative team of health and wellness professionals and change makers skilled at what they do. 

Below is a legally binding agreement for the work that we do together - this agreement protects you, me and the client.


It’s the people that make my coaching, Alive & HPU what it is. I have managed to source some of the most outstanding individuals to help build a dream of being able to alleviate suffering in individuals in a profound way working holistically in all life areas for record results and transformation in record time. Our clients are stuck, not broken. The butterfly effect of these changes ripples through the client and out into the world - and this is Why I Do What I Do.

With those I work with on my team - I favor ability over experience and personality over qualifications. I create a work space where regardless of the level of client I work with - from high end CEO to housewife - I love humor, laughing, hugging and offering absolute authentic empathy combined with inspirational, knowledgeable support to every individual.

A pre-requisite when working alongside me is your ability to wrap your arms around a complete stranger who is need of nurture, support, unconditional love and non-judgment without any hesitation. To provide them with everything they need to live a rich and meaningful life. When you work on this team - you combine this level of authentic support with absolute professionalism and skill and you walk your talk.

Through proven and therapeutic holistic wellness processes we offer a platform for positive and long lasting change inspiring each individual to empower themselves with the knowledge, support, tools, therapies and daily practices offer via our full system health and wellness programs. All that is needed from our clients is willingness, commitment and an understanding of choice.

I offer every client a life changing experience that is unmatched in its personalised attention to the individual, level of service and knowledge and lifestyle integration assistance.

Our services are delivered with heart and authenticity and a commitment to fulfilling the clients needs and inspire the client to take big action with what they learn.

What I Do?

Get to know me, my story, my processes and skills in detail here:

About Heidi

About Alive

About HPU - High performance courses, coaching, retreats and corporate wellness programs for those playing at the top of their game in life and business.

Alive Wellness Retreats

Alive Wellness Retreats offers a luxury getaway experience to individuals, couples and small groups who desire the benefits of a health retreat and holistic wellness program but without having to undertake treatment within a large health retreat setting.


We offer our services within the luxury accommodation that we provide in Bali in secluded luxury spaces.


Our treatment is intensive, personalised and is based on holistic health practices incorporating a range of therapies suited to the clients needs ensuring we are healing the entire system. Nearly all programs are inclusive of yoga therapy, meditation and mindfulness, naturopathy, biochemistry, nutrition using the Alive diet, healing modalities, spa and massage and holistic counselling or life coaching using the 12 steps of the Alive process.


All programs are managed and facilitated tightly by a coach or facilitator cross skilled in most or all modalities - this is usually myself. The program helps the individual confront the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of their 'crash' and move forward with a solid platform for positive growth and healing.

If you are reading this then we believe that you can offer our clients a wonderful service that aids in helping our clients heal holistically.

The most important thing to remember when working on behalf of Alive Wellness is that we encourage an emphasis on the responsibility of the individual to grow and to find their own answers. Guidance, empathy, encouragement and the ability to empower are key attributes to working with our clients in a retreat space.


HPU is a thought provoking revolutionary process for the next generation of conscious leaders looking to tap deeply into their unique genius in all areas of life & business. 

The HPU Formula developed by a core team of coaches, consultants, business leaders and wellness professionals combines a bespoke skillset of tools in one easy to access powerful system.

The system and support we provide transforms high performers, teams, companies and business at the core, allowing those at the top of their game to play at the ultimate level of success whilst maintaining the energy, harmony, meaning and fulfilment they seek.

Our unique formula working across 18 areas of life and business follows a holistic process for empowering the whole person and the business to each it's full potential.

At the core of every company and leader are people - and we know people. Now more than ever before we are being called to tap into our own genius and flourish from the inside out.

The results are to be seen when individuals are empowered to step into their greatness with full support, knowledge and tools for the whole human.

HPU is created for those who want to move away from mediocre and into greatness at speed. Our process has been proven to help individuals ranging from CEO's, artists, public figures, corporate companies and many more who are thirsty for peak performance and accelerated results.

Whether you are working with a client from either brand, the same values, purpose, mission and vision apply to every client.

Specific Treatment for Specific Individual Needs

We understand that every individual has their own specific requirements, desires and complexity of issues. Working closely and personally and privately with our clients is why we have such a fantastic reputation.

Uniqueness is the key philosophy that we work with and every individual receives individual treatment. The client would have to navigate and manage a team of wellness professionals, therapists, counsellors, business development managers, personal development motivators, yoga and mindfulness teachers and much more to achieve the greatness they seek - or they just work with us and we manage the entire process and journey for them.

That is why I created programs to honour the individual’s particular situation and custom create solutions to suit their individual needs as well as offering a holistic approach to completely healing your entire body, mind and soul.

We place the responsibility in the hands of the client for growth and change and simply provide a safe and nurturing environment and specific team members that are personality matched to the client to aid them in reaching their goals.

I have an excellent success rate with my clients because the knowledge is thorough and the teachings are delivered with immense amounts of passion. Clients leave feeling empowered to reach their goals, make life changing decisions with confidence and permanently change their mindset towards how they view themselves and their future and are ready to step into full alignment on a grand scale with their passion, purpose, vision and more to serve in the world. I am constantly bettering and building my processes, skills and after care programs so that results can be long lasting.

The combination of  treatments is what offers outstanding results.... Whether you yourself believe in the other therapies that we offer or not, I can assure that the combination of our therapies is why our results are outstanding. A team approach is required to provide the client with the most outstanding experience and the balance of how the information is delivered is imperative to the clients journey.

Please download the following documents as an introduction to the services that our clients are offered. These documents are strictly confidential:

Alive Retreat Proposal

Services HPU

AT A GLANCE - HOLISTIC THERAPIES (what the client see

Legals Conditions

Please be sure you have viewed and understand our client booking conditions. This document is copyright to Alive Wellness Retreats.

Although you may have your own individual working conditions, when working as a contractor to Alive you are working under our agreement with clients which includes these booking conditions, confidentiality agreements and coaching agreements. This is something we take very seriously. To ensure a professional and safe working environment for you and the client our booking conditions are signed by every client prior to retreat. We have firm boundaries for good reason with our clients and this agreement protects you.

See the Alive conditions here:


What You Must Provide Us With

INSURANCES & LIABILITY | contractor information

Please ensure that you have accurate and up to date insurance relevant for your industry. Alive Wellness Retreats and HPU do not accept responsibility or liability on behalf of any contracted therapists. We are the booking manager of the client and take the duty of care for each individual very seriously which is why we have a facilitator on board to manage the client and team. If issues arise between client and therapist, issues will be dealt with, with assistance from the retreat facilitator between client and therapist but issues remain directly between client and contractor.

We do not cover our contractors insurance and do not provide work cover to contractors.

To work with us we must view and keep on file a copy of the following :

  • Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance (if you do not have this you recognise and agree that you are not protected when working with our clients)

  • Your Own Company/Business Work Cover (if required)

  • Certification of your area of expertise

  • Bio

  • Recent Professional Photo

Within the guidelines of a contractor for services working agreement, these are the guidelines we work within. You (contractor) and Alive Wellness/HPU must agree to the below bullet points prior to work commencing:


  • Contractors are not able to delegate their work to others from their clinics or organization

  • All contractors supply their own working materials (this includes mats etc)

  • All contractors are paid an agreed price per contract and it can differ each time. You will be notified if so.

  • Contractors can work with us occasionally or on every program; we pick and choose varied therapists and contractors depending on varied clients needs

  • Contractors can refuse work from Alive/HPU aat anytime

  • Contractors are fully responsible for any issues/defects that arise with any client that directly results from their actions

  • Alive Wellness/HPU does not exercise control over contractors individual work; we do however collect your clients notes for the clients benefit. All contractors have freedom to do their job how they see fit with each client under the guidance of the client manager or retreat facilitator based on our more thorough time and knowledge of the individual.

  • Contractors do not wear alive uniforms, are not required to wear a name tag and do not promote alive signage unless they wish to do so.

  • Contractors are responsible for their own transport and are not provided with a work vehicle.

  • Contractors do not work set hours each week, the workload varies.

  • Contractors cannot be suspended or dismissed as they are not offered a permanent role.

  • Contractors are not offered sick leave, superannuation or any other form of accrued payment.


How We Work Together

Each retreat offers a different team situation depending on the individual needs. So that you aware of who you are working alongside, details of your team will be forwarded to you prior to retreat along with contact details of all involved.

We realise that you work for yourself and are contracting yourself to Alive/HPU, however we require all therapists to work together as a team and offer treatment that is best for the program and the process of the client achieving outstanding health and wellness results. The role of each therapist is equally important… food is just as important as yoga, fitness is just as important as coaching or counselling. No one therapist leads the program, we all work together and your facilitator will help guide you towards the best treatment plan or areas to focus on.

The client is not simply receiving therapies, the client is on a journey and a guided process and with all therapists working together via the help and ‘tying together of the program’ of a retreat facilitator, we expect the client to enjoy a complete change of life for the better. There is a marginal difference between a guided process where no facilitator is present and no communication exists between therapists and a team process where clients are guided every step of the way. Ensuring you work for the benefit of the program and as part of a team and ensuring the facilitator is well in the know of your observations and experiences with a client can make or break their experience.

All notes of your session absolutely must be left in the clients EVERNOTE folder. You will have shared access to their folder before the program begins. Without notes we reserve the right to withhold payment. It is impossible to remember all notes for a client and so we absolutely must have your session info (this goes for all therapists including yoga teachers and personal trainers).

Forms for notes works as follows:

  • Leave bullet pointed notes on your session and whilst you are there ask the client to write their own notes in their own words of things they would like to remember or need from you later (tests, books, contacts etc)


The Role Of The Program Manager & Facilitator

Retreat and online program facilitators are the client managers and there to ensure that the journey runs smoothly. Before being apart of any program you will have the full breakdown from the facilitator of the inclusions and client journey so that you are aware of how to best offer your input.


On Retreat

Clients choose either a semi supported program (daily facilitator check in), fully supported program (all day support) or 24 hour supported program and the facilitator is present accordingly. All information and findings of each of your sessions is to be discussed directly with them and as soon as possible after your session, this is to be done via phone or email when anything urgent needs to be shared. They make all final decisions in regards to the client’s wellbeing and are there to offer support, guidance, motivation and encouragement to the client. 


Online coaching and programs offer a tailored DIY + Support option for our clients. The leader or facilitator will guide each coach, therapist or speaker on the best possible content and support to offer to the client or group. All online sessions are recorded and the IP of your content delivery belongs to you however the IP of the session belongs to Alive/HPU and can be shared and used for resale as marketing and promotional material with your consent and an agreement will be in place for each unique program prior to start.


How it Works

  • A brief overview of the client and their health scenario will be emailed prior to program start along with booking details by the booking manager.

  • The booking manager continues to manage the client process, payment, needs etc and remains your first point of contact for scheduling, payment and nitty gritty’s.

  • The Program Facilitator manages the clients journey and becomes your first point of contact in direct relation to the clients wellbeing.

  • Post the initial wellness assessment of a client a second email/voice note is sent that thoroughly offers you a detailed outline of the client.

  • The detailed health form is forwarded for your perusal prior to client start. You may of course use your own health checking system to evaluate the clients health.

  • Notes as stated above are left in the Evernote File for client and facilitator.

  • If at anytime you have concerns about our client then please contact your retreat facilitator immediately.

  • Post program clients receive different optional levels of integration and support

Sharing & Handling of Client Information

Please remember that you are working under our booking conditions and the  confidentiality process which allows therapists to share information between themselves and the facilitator and booking manager (privately, professional and quietly) - this is stated in our conditions with the client. This is so we can effectively manage the client and their program over the long term. This is also so that each therapist delivers an approach that is backed with the knowledge of what the client is capable of dealing with in a short time frame. If the client does not wish for sensitive information to be forwarded to other therapists and the coordinator then they have to verbalise this at the time. Otherwise all information is shared. We are extremely careful about how information is stored.


  • Please see our confidentiality agreement on the booking conditions above and also on the following NDA that you sign with Alive/HPU on behalf of us as the client manager.

  • Never write a clients full name on any document and do not list their private contact details when taking notes.

  • Each client’s file is kept in evernote where no personal details are kept.

  • Please be careful when transporting client details and forms and please be extra careful in emailing client notes (no names or referencing personal information).

  • Please do not write down or leave loose notes on each client anywhere that is not secure.

  • We are responsible for the confidentiality of client’s personal information.

  • We do not email any personal information about the client that states their full name and all client health and personal information are to remain in the client’s accommodation AT ALL TIMES.

  • Coordinators take health information from a client prior to retreat and this is sent in an email so that before you see the client you have an idea of their situation, goals etc. Again, no last names, phone numbers and emails are used or shared about the client.

  • Please do not email any personal information or write down personal information about a client and include their full name. First name only please, we never know where the information could end up.

  • Please do not record the contact details of our clients without written consent from Alive/HPU management. Please ensure that if you have Alive/HPU client records that you responsibly store all private information.

  • Never share the inner workings of our process, retreats, programs or clients with anyone.

  • Never take a photo of a client and share it on social media without their consent in writing.

  • Never share the inner workings of the retreat or program process (audio, video, conversation, photos, tagging etc) without prior consent in writing from Alive or HPU management.


Treatment Slots & Payment

Our time slots are firm and there is no room in a clients budget for ‘extra time’ so please be diligent in finishing treatments within your time slot... no extra pay can be given if you run over time.

All therapists are paid prices discussed prior to retreat, the client prepays and the budget is fixed with no room to move.



If for some unforeseen reason we need to cancel a retreat or program; if under 24 hours we will pay your full rate assuming we have received full payment from our client. As this does not happen often and only happens in an emergency, leniency is required in some situations. If we provide you with more than 48 hours notice after the retreat is confirmed and your session time is booked, half the payment is paid assuming client has paid us the amount owing.

We highly respect your valuable time that you allow for our clients.

In some rare circumstances, clients can or may cancel a program without notice and evade payment in which case payment is out of our control. If this happens on a rare occasion and a cancellation occurs without Alive/HPU receiving payment, we cannot offer payment to our therapists and for this if it ever occurs we apologise and ask for your understanding on this rare occasion.



Clients have no supplement allowance in their program so you can discuss this directly with the client and it is to be discussed in an ‘entirely optional’ way so that the client doesn't feel pressured to buy any extras.

Also other therapists recommend products so generally the naturopath is who will recommend products and supplements and you can discuss what you think is necessary with him/her.



Please dress professionally and remember that you are a representation of Alive/HPU and we offer a luxury service to our VIP’s. Dress code is professional, clean, tidy and as casual corporate as possible please ;) Definitely no alternative dress thank you. Yoga teachers are to change out of yoga clothing post their yoga session if working with a client in a different capacity (e.g. coaching or workshops).



Incorporating other therapies

Many of our therapists are multi skilled and are trained in many types of healing modalities. This is a wonderful thing but it is to be remembered that our clients are often very new or entirely ‘green’ to natural health and personal development and too much too soon can be very daunting for them especially when they are already receiving intensive treatment when with us.

It is important that you do not bring other types of treatment into your sessions if it has not been pre-discussed with retreat facilitator or the client has specifically requested this type of treatment. We ask that all therapists work closely with retreat facilitator to provide the client with accurate treatment within your specific requested area of expertise and support and appreciate you not straying from our chosen program which only consists of proven treatments.

One small change in your therapy session can have a MASSIVE impact on the entire success of the program and personal development of the client. Adding in healing modalities or strange wording or techniques that are foreign to our client immediately disempowers their process and leaves them feeling confused, unconfident and wary. We cannot stress enough how important it is that you stick to the therapy that you were hired for and only deliver what is directed by the facilitator.


Clients can have up to three therapies in a day plus facilitation time. This means they are taking on 6 hours of new information that is already very strange territory for them. Most have never even done yoga before!

Before they arrive they have an understanding of each therapist they will see and what each therapy involves. If they then arrive (usually scared and unsure what to expect) and see their naturopath who offers the bonus of theta healing, a counsellor who talks about the blowout in their base chakra, a yoga teacher who runs them through the yoga sutras and the reincarnation process and a kinesiologist who offers the bonus of a reconnection process ????

Can you see where we are heading? This is definitely a case of less is more when it comes to what you offer and too much too soon can completely reverse the healing and empowerment process. Consider the other treatments they are receiving when you are with your client and ‘pick your audience’ when talking about certain techniques and modalities that are new age or foreign to our ‘newbies’ on their path to wellness.


It is important to remember that our aim is to provide each client with treatment that benefits the entire program.

We also ask that each therapists does not offer advice that removes the power of the treatment process from the individual. You may disagree with the use of certain therapy for example but we appreciate you leaving your own personal opinions out of the program.

We emphasise the responsibility of the individual to change so please ensure that your client fully understands the whole process of any treatment you offer.

That’s enough of the no no’s!!


Lets get onto how it all happens…


THE PROCESS of The Retreat/Coaching Client Program

​Pre Retreat/Program

  • Prior to Program Start the client has usually experience dup to 6-20 hours of assessment and coaching to decipher workability and commitment levels and to offer the client the self awareness of where their gaps lie

  • A plan is deciphered for their journey - immediate and long term

  • The office managers spend hours working with a client to nurture them including emails, calls, messages, documenting, preparing, pre coaching, pre programs for readiness

  • The client is booked and arrives and every detail of every step is managed by us

Retreat Process

  • Each therapist is provided with a client schedule before they arrive. These are inevitably subject to change but generally we run to plan.

  • The Client arrives and settles into their accommodation/program before undergoing a general meet and greet/wellness assessment with their host finished by a relaxation. This is a 3 or 4 hour process.

  • The client has their first session with the psychotherapist/counsellor/life coach (emotional wellbeing only) OR will have the first physical assessment with a naturopath within the first 24 hours.

  • The counsellor or facilitator decides on the theme/s of the retreat.

  • Every therapist follows this theme. For example, if a client arrives with addiction, the theme behind the addiction will be uncovered within the first session and all therapies will be focused on working on this theme which could be trauma, anger etc. This is so we can focus on key issues and ensure we make great changes within a short time.

  • The client decides on their retreat mantra/theme and is given motivational/self reflection exercises. Therapists are requested to leave the client with exercises or home work if they believe it is necessary.

  • Retreat mantras and themes are to be woven through language in yoga classes, meditation classes and session time with a client.

  • The client usually sees a naturopath early within the second day or first full day so that physical support is given if required immediately.

  • Clients will generally have between 1-3 therapies a day, time with their host and free time to themselves to work on their journal etc. Yes this is a lot of therapy hence why it is important to stick to the program.

  • All therapists leave notes on the client so the facilitator can keep checking in on the progress of the client and continue to provide a bridge between clients gaps and how to close them.

  • All therapists discuss their session with retreat facilitator. All clients sign an open communication agreement so that information can be passed between therapists.

  • The facilitator keeps lines of communication open for the entire program.

  • The client at the end of the retreat is given a firm integration process/take home program and sometimes can choose a fully supported take home program for up to 12 months.

  • Alive follows up with clients and ensures they have contact with likeminded therapists close to home or will continue to work with our team under our management

  • Alive continues to nurture and support the client

  • Alive remains the 'owner of the client'

  • Clients can request to work with anyone from the Alive/HPU team but all bookings for those take place through the Alive/HPU management and percentages are paid to us

Follow Up Treatment


If a client complains to us about the unprofessional nature of a therapist during treatment the complaint will be referred to the therapist to deal with directly.

If a complaint is severe then Alive/HPU will assist the client and therapist in negotiating a fair outcome.

If a therapist is found to have undermined the process of Alive Wellness/HPU or undermined another therapist on the same team, Alive Wellness/HPU will withhold payment of that therapist until the matter is resolved. If legal action is taken against Alive/HPU by a client in regards to a therapists words or actions, the cost of legal action will be the responsibility of the therapist.

This had never occurred previously :)


A great deal of money, time and effort is spent on advertising our services to reach our clients. A great deal of money time and effort is spent on the before and after process of a programs aiding the client in becoming ready for change and then implementing change.

A client can for example (in advertising and office and admin costs) cost the business an out of pocket expense of up to $600-$2000 prior to their arrival.

If a client ever contacts you in regards to further work with you we must be notified immediately. Any future work you do with the client, especially if we are still managing their journey/therapy and integration must be done via Alive/HPU.

A referral fee for your services with the client if they choose to work with you is 30% paid to Alive/HPU for a minimum time frame of 6 months from your introduction to the client.

The services offered by you cannot compete with any of  the HPU or Alive programs e.g. retreats.


All information found in our documents, on our advertising material, in emails, on our websites and on partner sites is copyright to Alive Wellness Retreats, Heidi Shannon and Human Potential Unlimited. Using or copying our material in any way will result in immediate legal action and will immediately forfeit this working agreement. If you have been found to copy documentation, any amount owed to you will be withheld until the matter is settled. Legal costs will be at the expense of the therapist who breaches our confidentiality terms.


If you have read and understand the above information for working on the team at Alive Wellness or HPU and would like to be contracted as part of our wonderful team assisting individuals achieve their goals, then please sign and date below.

I have read and I understand and agree in full to all of the above terms and agree to contract my services to Alive/HPU/Heidi Shannon based on the terms stated in this agreement.