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The Proven Way To Cure stress, Anxiety & Depression For Good The Fast, Natural & Empowering Way


Do The 100% Successful Retreat At Home

…without medication, boring therapy and even if you’ve tried and failed before. For those who want to 100% be free from anxiety and depression for good.

Hello there


You deserve to be free from the overwhelm of anxiety and depression for good and be able to feel calm, empowered and live the life you want -  so you can get your life back.


You deserve the health, body, self confidence and energy that you are craving. If you’ve tried to do it alone and failed then this program is definitely for you. Even if you are not sure if you can do it. You can.


But First: Read This Disclaimer


I get 100% results with my clients. Yes 100%. Those results are certainly not typical right? If you’ve done meds, long therapy sessions and googling for hours to find answers…. You will understand how it feels to be lost in trying to heal yourself.


Most people try many times, get a little relief for a week or a month and then the dreaded symptoms return. My clients don’t. Why?


Because they have my proven process, built over 15 years of experience and thousands of cases and full support as their secret weapon. Because I know them inside out. Because I hit the real core of the issue and we remove it.


So if you know… that anxiety and depression is really affecting multiple areas of their life and you are just done with feeling this way. If you know it is affecting your relationships. Including the relationship you have with yourself. Let’s begin.

Heidi Shannon

... you deserve to be free from the constant overthinking, worry, stress & lows. It doesn't have to be this way and I am giving you full permission to  drop everything else in your life and only focus on you and what you need right now... 


  • The only way to remove the issue for good for real and forever

  • Exactly how to get to the core of the problem and get answers even if you are confused

  • How to get immediate relief in 7 days to remove the physical symptoms and feel immediately better

  • TODAY how we stop the issue today, not gradually, not in a month but today

  • The holistic and empowering approach to generate the health, relationships and life you want free from anxiety, over thinking, excessive worry, the lows of depression and helplessness…. even if you wonder who you will be or what life will look like on the other side

  • A proven natural and empowering system that has others getting 100% results and changing their lives in record time doing the opposite to what the ‘health system’ says to do and why a disempowered system doesn’t work

  • How to revamp your health, what to eat and drink and how to naturally heal and get your energy back (hint - we heal from the inside out)

  • How to eliminate your stress and be fully in control of your thoughts, urges and desires that are destructive and driving the problem

  • How to make your biggest triggers invisible and banish the past, shame, guilt and fear forever

  • The best possible support and accountability from those who fully understand you and support you every step

  • Why traditional methods don’t work and can make you feel worse if they fail

  • How to take control of your mind, how to change your thoughts and therefore change your life and how magical changes will happen in your life when you learn this art

  • How to let go of the past or present hurts, guilt and shame and , what to do about healing the past

  • Say goodbye to overwhelm and how to bring in compassion, self kindness and self love like never before

  • Why it’s ok for you to really have the life you truly want and have a picture of exactly what that looks like

  • How to see, feel and believe that all of this is possible and fast

  • How to not just heal but step into a new life of freedom fast

'You see I know all about anxiety and depression and burn out and excessive stress and worry all too well.

It near ruined my life and I’ve seen how sneaky it can be. I’ve spent 2 decades using a proven formula that works. And now I am giving it to you.'

I’ll also share with you:


  • The exact tools and steps in the right order to eliminate the problem

  • The real reason your anxiety and depression exists and how to say goodbye to it for good

  • How you will set up your life to live into a human that thrives and not survives

Thinking Man on Couch

Long Term Stress Has Finally Caught Up With You

In the Boxing Ring

You've Been Reality Slapped By Something You Didn't See Coming

Thinking Man

You've Always Felt This Way & Never Known Why


Maybe your long time stress has boiled over into anxiety.


Maybe you're giving to others always before yourself has burnt you out.

Maybe you are extremely hard on yourself ALL THE TIME.


Maybe a reality slap you didn’t see coming tipped you over the edge.


Maybe you’ve been focused for so long on doing and never focused on YOU.

Maybe you’ve been anxious or depressed for as long as you can remember and you just can’t get the answers you seek as to what is really driving the issue.


Maybe you let your health go and now you are seeing the ramifications.


Maybe it’s all of the above?


Specifically Designed For Those Who Know They Are Just Done
And Know They Want Themselves Back


However you are feeling - it’s not fun when you can’t get up everyday without panic, exhaustion and you’ve lost your zest for life.


I know you are tired. And I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault - there isn’t anything wrong with you - you just need answers and real support for all areas of your life.


You know when you’ve hit that limit - and it now has more of a hold over you than you do of it. You know because you are here on this page reading my words and nodding your head.


You know that the urge to just give in - the constant desire and the amount of time thinking about it is now holding you hostage.


And then…


You realise your confidence is around your ankles, the feelings of guilt, secrecy, hiding it, shame and confusion kick in. Maybe every day they are there - but whilst you numb or hide they disappear for a moment until you wake up and they are there again.


And the cycle goes over and over until your self worth is at an all time low - all because of something that has an answer that you haven’t tapped into yet because of all the conflicting information that makes you feel worse about yourself.


You know you use it to hide from and avoid how you feel - but that doesn’t make it easier to stop. And it doesn’t get rid of the overwhelm.


I hear you say to yourself daily…


…How did it get to this? Who am I? What’s wrong with me?


There isn’t anything wrong with you and a label won’t make you feel better. Your self talk isn’t helping the situation - so it’s important we get a grip on it now.


Maybe You Have Tried To Get Help & Still Have No Answers?

(& Why My Clients Get 100% Results)

Medicine Prescription

Bandaids & Quick Fixes

(and they aren't healing the issue)

Woman in Therapy

Therapy That Was Unhelpful

(and you still have no tools)

Working from Home

Googling & Self Help

(and you still feel stuck)


The traditional models don’t work - and here is why:


They are mainly disempowering and they focus on what’s wrong.


And even if they did work if you don’t understand the core issue for you - or the education as to why things work - they won’t work.


But take it from me - someone who has helped 100’s of people transform from ‘stuck’ to empowered in record time…


You can’t heal what you don’t understand.

When you understand what’s driving the issue unconsciously then you release the issue for good. And we focus more on what you want and what inner strength you do have then ‘what is wrong’. It can be that simple and easy. At least it is for my clients.


You can’t do it alone.

The more you beat up on yourself, the more you try and fail alone - the worse you will feel. Compassion, understanding, support and accountability will help you believe in yourself and kick it for good.


You don’t need to spend a bomb.

What if there was one program, a one stop shop that deals with ALL aspects of the anxiety, stress and depression? What if you cleansed your body, got back in control of your mind, urges and emotions and also made the lifestyle and relationship changes - all at once - fast - and it cost the same as your weekly therapy session or less?



It doesn’t need to take months in therapy or even worse an intensive treatment centre.

You don’t need long boring therapy and more labels of what is wrong with you. You need confidential support and most of all understanding and EMPOWERMENT using a process that works 100% of the time.


What if you could do my retreat at home - from your couch and get the same results?


You Might Be Wondering What Life Will Really Look Like Being Free From Anxiety & Depression & What It Will Feel Like to Experience True Calm and Inner Peace?


You know you need help right now if any of the below sounds like you....

I can hear you saying:


But Heidi I can’t get through the day without a panic attack, overwhelming emotions and constant anxiety?….


….That’s ok. In the next 7 days using my specific remedies and doing exactly as I say every day you will be free of those nasty overwhelming symptoms.


But Heidi’ I can’t sleep and I never want to get up to get through the day?…


… That’s ok too. I will help you get to sleep, stay asleep, rest, relax and self nurture yourself as well as reset your body and systems to give you back your energy and clarity fast.


But Heidi I have no energy and I can’t even focus anymore on what I have to do everyday?….


….It’s ok. We will plan out your life I will give you tools to regain your energy fast and I will help you build your focus on what truly matters everyday. We will also radically reduce your stress and I will help you recreate your life to live like a human not a robot.



But Heidi, I just can’t deal with my thoughts and emotional overwhelm that is taking control of me?….


… That’s what I am here for. I’ve been there. I’ll help you take back control, step into calm when you need it most with some seriously powerful tools and you will be back in control of your emotions using waves of compassion, self nurturing and love. I’ll be right there with you.



But Heidi I have no life direction and no idea what to do anymore?…


…. Great. Let me help you replan your life, get a whole new direction and tap you back into your own purpose. I’ll show you who you really are and not who you think you are. You’ll be back in the drivers seat fast.


But Heidi I don’t know how to deal with what life has thrown me?…


… Well, no one really does until we learn the tools at the time. You are not failing. You are learning forward. I’ve been dealt with some serious life slaps I didn’t see coming and I will show exactly how to get back in the drivers seat and navigate storms coming out the other side as the greatest version of yourself.

More importantly what could change in the next 7 days?


Instead of looking in the mirror at your tired face and saying hurtful things to yourself - imagine when you wake up with energy and the overwhelm is gone?


What would that mean for your job, your friends, your family?


What would it mean for you to be back to your real self?


What would it mean if you your confidence was through the roof and you were rocking your new direction, inner calm and resilience?


Imagine just for a second… that you actually liked … no wait… loved yourself again and you could easily cope with life fully equipped with all the tools you needed?


In fact… what if anxiety and depression was a part of your past and you never looked back?


Maybe You’ve Already Tried to Take Matters Into Your Own


and it's tiring doing it alone right?

  • You’ve tried talking to others and yet it only makes you feel worse?
    (because what you are feeling is completely foreign territory to them and it’s invisible)


  • You’ve read a few things to help yourself?
    (but nothing really makes sense for your unique reasons)


  • You stick to a few self help tools here and there?
    (only to slip back with no real answers)


  • You’ve maybe joined a few support groups?
    (but you find it really awkward and unbearable)

    And you just know that you can’t do it alone

I hear your pain, it's exhausting right?


I admire your courage to help yourself and acknowledge all that you have tried.



I know it doesn't work. It's why I exist.

I Completely Understand...

I have been in your shoes.

Let me save you the experience I had...


Let me share a story I think you might resonate with...


One day leaving work I had a massive panic attack. I thought I was having a heart attack and that I was going to die. I was alone, confused and the weeks that followed were unbearable. I simply couldn't get up. I couldn't leave the house out of fear. I had completely lost myself.


What I didn't realise at the time - that day - was the best day of my life. I woke up.

I had been abusing my body, battering myself with harsh self talk, pushing and pushing myself to succeed and be accepted, pleasing others constantly and I had lost who I really was by living way outside what truly mattered to me.

I had buried trauma I never wanted to look at and what I didn't realise then but know now - that breakdown was always going to happen at some point.


In the following months desperate for help and answers this was my journey.

It was long, slow, painful and uninspiring to say the least. 
I'd like to save you from this journey....


The First Step I Took - GP/Doctor

I was met with judgement, zero empathy or understanding, no answers and left with a bunch of pills. I was baffled - how is one tiny pill going to solve the relationship with myself I asked myself? And how in under 15 minutes can you give someone mind altering medication without even knowing what is going on with them? I took the pills and nothing helped. 


The Second Step I Took - Lots of Talking Therapy
After rehashing every 'bad' memory, emotion and thought I'd ever had for months I simply felt worse. There were no tools, just talk. I wasn't inspired. I wasn't motivated and I still could barely sleep eat or leave my house. I actually found it to be disempowering. The opposite of what I needed. I hear this often from my clients. I am told they get more answers in one session with me than 10 therapy sessions with another. That's because I've been where you are.


The Third Step I Took - Asking Friends For Help

I felt as though no one understood what I was going through and really they didn't and how could they. Anxiety is invisible and if you have never experienced it others don't really know what to do. I lost my job, my home and most of my life in those months. It was almost impossible to explain in words to others what was going on. But then one day...


Luckily I had one friend who understood - she forced me out of the house one day and into the car. We walked along a street and I stumbled across a small Chinese tea shop and in this moment my whole life changed forever.

Before walking into that little tea shop, I was so done I was ready to give up...

This journey of self discovery, rapid health and inner freedom was also long. I condense this journey into a fast rapid healing process that works in record time so you don't have to do this alone.

I combine all of the elements of healing into one easy step by step process.


My journey to recover my sanity and health you could say was obsessive.

I was determined never to feel that way ever again. 

Here is what happened that led me to being here with you today...


The First Step To Healing

Committing To Me First


No one will tell you this - therapists will just take your money because you are vulnerable or desperate and convince you this takes forever to heal - but taking full responsibility and harnessing any energy you have to transform your health and life is paramount to the healing process and you are the only one who has the power to make that choice. I flicked a switch and said to myself - my health, my relationship with myself and my mental health will always come first beyond this point. That commitment and willingness alone is incredibly powerful and changed the trajectory course of my life.

When you leap to change - the universe has no choice to respond in a big way.


And so the healing journey began...



Step 2
I Found Someone Who Understood +

Gave Me Immediate Natural Relief

In I walk to the tea shop and out comes a tiny Chinese Medicine man. He took one look at me and ushered me into his back room. He looked at my tongue and my eyes and gave me immediate orders to stop working night shifts, fully explained what was happening to my nervous system and bundled up a bunch of bark like herbs in newspaper. The brewing began.

Within days anxiety faded - now I had the immediate relief I needed to get up and start to heal for good.


Step 3 
I Healed My Body With Living Foods &

Created A Stress Free Lifestyle

With a little relief under my belt I was determined not to experience that level of anxiety ever again. I quit my job without knowing what was coming next. Moved back to the seaside and having always had a passion handed down from my mother for natural organic foods - I dove head first into healing with foods and herbs. I studied every natural medicine possible and the effects of food on the brain. I stripped my diet of anything harmful and spent as much time in nature as I could - just simply being - and getting to know who I was beyond all that doing for so long.

My energy returned, I started waking up without that bubbling anxious feeling. I started to feel more like myself. 


Step 4 

I Found Profound Mind Tools For Calm

A work friend one day took me to a yoga class. Within half an hour I was balling my eyes out and feeling massive waves of relief. Although I couldn't stand the practice in the beginning - it had such profound effects on my emotions, sleep, waves of happiness for no reason and the space between thoughts I had never felt before - I become hooked. I studied for 2 years the profound psychological effects of yoga therapy, mindfulness, meditation and eastern philosophies to cure mental health. For me - I have never experienced anxiety since I incorporated these therapies into my life.


Step 5

I Healed My Past & Learned To Like Myself

At the time 20 years ago - healing, hypnosis, yoga and kinesiology were all considered woo woo - you might still think the are - but without them I would not be here. Done with talking therapies that didn't give me any tools I discovered Kinesiology, the healing arts and hypnosis. 
I had buried and suppressed my emotions and traumas for years and now it was time to release what was holding me back. Now trauma doesn't have to be anything major - I had a lot of smaller issues and relationship hurt that I had never confronted. The therapists I met uncovered what I couldn't get to consciously. And a life of inner freedom and empowerment set in.


Step 6

I Found Coaching & Ditched Therapy

I trained under the world renowned Russ Harris (ACT Therapy) and accessed fast track coaching frameworks that focused on empowerment and action instead or more talk about more pain. I learned the power of choice, living by my values and not negotiating on them and stepping into action. And life shifted rapidly towards meaning, fulfilment and joy.


Step 7

Finding Purpose & Creating Life On My Terms

Determined that no one else should ever go through what I did, I studied and studied and formulated the world's first holistic mental health retreat - and within a day of launching the site - I took my first client. Armed with a team of stellar therapists for the next decade we experienced revolutionary results with our clients. My crash birthed an unbelievable lifestyle, career in coaching and freedom to live life on my terms that I never thought possible.

And now being here with you - we offer to you the Alive Process from wherever you are in the world.


Does your journey have to take years or even months? No.

You will integrate this process fast and I dare say - love every step. Alive is a powerful life changing journey to healing anxiety & depression for good AND changing your life with our full support - all in one place.