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I work with both singles wanting to work on their relationship issues/separation/divorce and also couples wanting to transform their relationship...

Relationship breakdown on any level happens when:

  • We are individually and collectively out of alignment with our own unique values

  • There is a communication, listening and understanding breakdown of what matters most to others

  • Our past fears, hurts, habits and patterns are fuelling the present issue and unconsciously dictating the outcome

  • We have never learned the tools to communicate, understand and deal with our own internal feelings and emotions so when 'heat' arises we have no idea what to do - accept react!

  • We get 'reality slapped' with something we didn't see coming and need the support to move past a touch emotional period with ourselves, another or others

  • We react out of blame instead of responding in a way that would make us proud of who we truly are

In my experience, the external issues that show up in our relationships (and the things that we hold gripes about with others) never have anything to do with the actual core issue within our selves.

My job is to help you identify WHAT THE REAL ISSUE IS behind the external issues and gripes with others, yourself and your partner (past, present or future). There are consistent complaints and critiques and concerns that show up as well as fears, patterns and habits in relationships that can leave us stumped, overwhelmed and acting or reacting in ways we are not proud of in our relationships. My job is to help you identify your worth, your values, your self limitations/patterns/behaviours and issues with communication, understanding, listening, intimacy and connection with ourselves with others.

I teach you real tools from the ground up to help you transform your relationship with others and yourself so you can have the confidence and freedom to shine in your relationships. I help you transform your relationship to pain, confusion, tension, overwhelm and struggle and create a clear path forward.

I don't just work on your relationship... I also work on your individual happiness, health and life direction to help the/your relationships flourish.

I'll give you my undivided attention to get your life & relationships on track in all areas in our powerful private coaching sessions online or in person (Bali and Perth).

Ready to revolutionise your life, health, relationships and personal happiness??

Then my private coaching sessions are for you!!! My Coaching Process is developed over 10 years at my retreat where I have spent more than 10 000 hours working one on one helping clients create real life change in record time - including running powerful relationship retreats that supported couples in transforming their relationship and moving forward united.


We nail the core life areas and beliefs that are holding you back and create real change weekly. It's like working with 6 different professionals in all areas of health & happiness all at once. And clients tell me they get more out of 1 session compared to years of therapy and multiple modalities. 

Results Guaranteed If You Do The Work. Commit and be ready to create greatness!

Heidi's Coaching Process >>>

A Process Proven Over & Over For a Decade That Works

A Process Built On Blood Sweat and Many Tears Foot Stamps & Tantrums - Mine & Clients!

A Process Built Off My Own Shitty Healthy & Life Experience AND Profound Professional Experience Over 20 Years For Creating An Outstanding Life Of Health, Happiness &  Freedom

A Process Built On Over 10 000 Hours Of Listening To Those In Need & What They Need As A Coach

A Process Built On The Skill Of Working With Over 50 Wellness Professionals At The Top Of Their Fields & Utilising What Works & What Doesn't

A Process Built On The Hand Plucking Research, Knowledge & Expertise of The World's Top Health Happiness & Wellness Professionals With PROVEN TESTED & TRIALLED Experience

A Process That Has Seen Hundreds of Personal Clients Radically Perform Miracles In Their Lives

A Process The Incorporates Genuine Coaching Tools, Health Science, Happiness Know How & Practical Motivational Tools Into One System

A Process That Genuinely Acknowledges The Whole System - Body, Mind & Spirit

A Process That Is FUN! Supportive. Inspirational. Intimate. Profound.

A Process That Is Personalised To You.

It's All About You.

Let's Play >>>

What's The Problem?
What's the real core issue behind your relationship distress? We nail this quick and get to the bottom of what is really in the way.
Individual Happiness
Health. Work. Stress. Emotional Intelligence. Family. Kids. Holistically what can help you build positive relationships?
Know your core personal values and relationship values to create internal fulfilment.
Know your own needs and communicate with confidence. Set healthy relationship boundaries.
Learning to truly listen to the needs of others and hear the words that aren't being said. Listening to yourself & listening to build understanding.
Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Coach
Individual stress management and emotional intelligence to support your relationships.
Dealing with our fears of acceptance and belonging. Building intimacy on a deep level with others.
Creating a long term vision for your life/lives to bring the fulfilment, meaning and direction to life and relationships on all levels.
Plan of Action
Step by step plan of action and tools to support you on your journey.
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You might know me as the Balance Coach. 

And you might be thinking I have some kind of super chilled healthy and balanced life. It's true most days I do! Balance is a journey and a practice. It is also THE KEY to life. Although my days are mostly balanced -  I am also a busy bee as a mother to my special needs angel Winta who takes the energy of 10 children, partner to Grant, sister, daughter, friend, owner of 3 businesses and 3 properties. 

I wish I could tell you that the journey towards Balance, Freedom, Calm & A Life I Love was an easy one. But it was not always the case!

I've had more burnouts and crashes than I would like to count. I've certainly learned a heck of a lot along the way about how to nourish my body, keep my mind in check, self calm & take time for me.


Fast forward to today and I've coached women for over 10 000 hours, facilitated more than 300 wellness retreats and have been lucky enough to sculpt a job and life I love through quite a few foot stamps and adult tantrums - but boy is it worth the inner work.

I help you realise your inner power, find pockets of uniqueness inside you, build a body you will love, ignite your mind with passion and dreams and most of all  - take serious action on creating a life truly worth living.

But best of all - I make the journey fun. I am real. I am down to earth. I am compassionate and humorous. I understand the minds, bodies and lives of busy women more than anyone. I've flown high and been at rock bottom and I teach you real tools to meet you wherever you are at on that scale. I have a knack for seeing what others don't in you (including yourself) and pulling to the surface. I help you create a life you love.

Read Heidi's story here >>>

Read Heidi's Client Stories here >>>

I don't just help you build beautiful relationships

I also help with...

Who Do I Work With?

I only work with those who are thirsty for great change in their lives!

Are You ready?

I put my time and 100% of my energy into a select few clients who are thirsty for change, ready to commit and take action. You see I'm a black and white kind of gal. I'm either 100% in or out. Those that are willing, committed & ready to seriously revolutionise their lives on every level - I'm 100% into helping. And I'll move mountains to do so. So if you are a *star* and ready I'm 100% in to your personal revolution.

Is My Coaching For You?

If you are ready to....

1. Go Big - - - You will be willing to go BIG with what we do together. 

2. Give Back - - -  Be willing to give back and serve yourself, your life and humanity in some way with what we do.

3. Be Highly Functioning - - - This means you must be able to fully put into action what we plan and not create excuses as to why things can't happen.

4. Committed - - - Be fully committed to showing up on time for our sessions, doing the inner work and the education.

5. Take Action - - - Really do something outstanding, large or small, with our time together.

My time with you has been mind blowing. This has been more than I ever expected. I never knew that there was even such love and support out there for me. The ease of suffering can be healed with what I have been taught. Thank you Heidi.

—  Bianca, Beautician, 35, Australia


  • Energy & Clarity

    Physical Health | Daily Habits | Nutrition | Self Care | Exercise 

    Fuelling the body to have the health, clarity, energy, focus, sleep and life we want.

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    >>> Detox & Cleanse Programs

    >>> Nutrition & Holistic Health Workshops

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  • Inner Calm

    Emotional Awareness | Emotional Intelligence | Stress Management | Inner Calm 

    Removing inner roadblocks to create the self calm, mental strength & emotional calm we desire.

    >>> Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Coaching

    >>> Stress Management Techniques & Plans

    >>> ACT Therapy

    >>> Mindfulness & Meditation Classes

    >>> Emotional Intelligence & Stress Management Workshops

  • Connection

    Communication | Understanding | Intimate Relationships | Connection | Confidence

    Losing fear, crafting your identity & creating stellar personal and professional relationships & step into your power.

    >>> Relationship Coaching

    >>> Communication & Confidence Coaching

    >>> Leadership Coaching (individuals or teams)

    >>> Leadership & Confidence Workshops

  • Purpose & Vision

    Skills | Values | Passion | Purpose | Opportunities | Resourcefulness | Vision
    Defining your skills, purpose, passion, core values, vision & WHY you do what you do in life, relationships and business. Become the best you can be as you step into the greatest version of yourself.

    >>> Purpose & Passion Coaching
    >>> Vision Coaching (Personal, Business)

    >>> Leadership Coaching

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  • Business

    Business Vision | Crafting Your Ideal Business | Managing You & Your Team | Growing Your Business

    Creating the ultimate business, teams, relationships and leaders in business by accelerating the whole person to greatness. Motivate you, your team and leaders to achieve greatness.

    >>> Small Business Creation

    >>> Small Business Coaching

    >>> Corporate & Executive Coaching

    >>> Personal Business & Life Balance Coaching

    >>> Team & Leaders Coaching & Workshops

  • Life

    Creating the ultimate vision for your life and running with it. Craft a dream vision and take action on it.

    I'll keep you accountable day in and day out.

    >>> Create A Life Vision For Every Life Area

    >>> Take Action On Your Life Vision & I'll Drive You To Make It Happen

    >>> Take Action On Your Core & Professional Values On A Daily Basis

    >>> Live On Purpose & Fuel Your Passions

    >>> Create The Self Worth, Abundance & Prosperity You Desire




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