How To Make Your Cells Dance

Cells. Blood Cells. White and Red. Those tiny bouncing balls of life force that mean everything to your health. Why are they so important and why do you need to know how they work?

If You Want Natural Energy, Life Force & Optimum Mental Health You Have To Know How To Love & Support Those Little Building Blocks Of Life From The Outside AND the Inside.

Cells are essentially energy. They connect and transport like an electronic current. Life force. Vitality. Chi. They are affected greatly by our emotion, the world around us. More so than we have ever been able to understand or believe. Essentially they are energy. So they are susceptible to the energy around you and within you. So this is where health is not just about nutrition and where we see holistic health, looking at flourishing in all life areas, becomes very important.

Magic Happens

At our Bali retreat we were fortunate enough to work with a wonderful GP and Naturopath who helped us in our diagnostic ability using Live Blood Analysis. We’ve found it a hugely useful tool for beginning the diagnostic process of our clients health journey and also to help clients ascertain a birds eye view of their health, their body and how it is functioning.

Live blood analysis (LBA), live cell analysis, Hemaview or nutritional blood analysis is the use of high-resolution dark field

microscopy to observe live blood cells. Live blood analysis is promoted by some alternative medicine practitioners, who assert that it can diagnose a range of diseases. We've found it to be one of many useful tools for building great health. (Note; it doesn't replace general blood, stool and other medical tests).

When you take a look at your blood and see how your cells are behaving it's like looking deeply into the needs of your body. It's confronting and gives you an instant connection to the needs of the physical that you may have been ignoring for some time or have just never understood.

More importantly it gives you a window into the real issues that are most prominent AND helps clients form a newfound bond with their body and regain respect and honor for a system that requires their attention, healing and help. Sometimes faster and more-so and less expensively than traditional blood tests.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the body that is carrying us everywhere and become absorbed in the identity of who we are and become wrapped up in the never ending list of to do’s. This leads us to making unconscious choices about what we put on and in the body.

'Eating healthy nutrient dense food fills your body with energy. Choose to surround yourself with only good things and create an environment in all life areas that you love to be surrounded with. Imagine your cells smiling back at you and saying, thank you!' TWEET THIS QUOTE

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When we first started using LBA we would see startling changes in less than a few weeks on retreat. Changes that were far beyond my expectations and would shock us all. It was like watching a miracle happen to see the process we created actually having a physical impact on the cells of the body right before our eyes. Clients would jump up and down clapping with glee being able to actually see that their hard work was paying off.

Cells would initially be oxygen deprived, dehydrated, squished together and generally look quite lifeless. Kind of like the client sitting in front of me. This of course means cells cannot communicate to each other and do their job proficiently carrying nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body and fighting off disease. Essentially our overall immunity is compromised if your cells aren't happy. But after just a a week or two on retreat we would see the cells come alive and bounce around looking plump and happy. Why? It got me to thinking. What really makes cells happy? What really makes us happy and healthy? Is it all diet? Nope.

Even our GP was shocked at the progress. But why were our changes so great? Why were our clients on retreat healing faster than those that would just attend her clinic and then head back to their own environment?

The key word here is Environment.

You Are An Energetic Circuit Wired Just Like The System In Your House. Think Of Your Body As The House. Think Of Your Cells As The Energetic Electricity That Powers Your House.

We used to believe that the brain controlled the entire body. It’s true that the brain sends messages to every system in order for that system to function. But the way we like to explain it to our retreat clients goes something like this:

1. Imagine that your whole body is one big energy circuit like the electricity circuit that runs through your house.

2. Imagine that the motherboard of that circuit is your gut. The gut creates most of the necessary chemicals (neurotransmitters) that are needed to be funneled through your system (Endocrine) system in order for the brain to do its job. Cells make this happen.

3. Imagine that your cells are those carriers. Imagine that your cells are able to impact every system in the body. Now imagine what kind of cells need to be able to do all of that work; happy healthy ones that are 'charged' with positive energy and foods that are 'alive'.

Gut health + Cell Health is the winning combo for a happy healthy you.

So in a nutshell; the health of your gut and cells is more important than focusing on one particular body system or the brain which is how modern medicine or modern day psychology works or what I call the 1950’s health system we are still operating with.

So what does the gut need to create what’s needed in terms of nutrients and neurotransmitter function? It needs all the bits and bobs you will find compiled into the Alive 4 Stage Diet and the free recipes shared on this site.

A Happy & Calm Environment is Key.

But what do cells need to function well and do their job of carrying the nutrients and neurotransmitters to where they have to go? It needs all the bits and bobs derived from healthy eating AND it needs a happy and calm environment. We can't be calm and happy all the time but we can make small changes in each area to create more calm and happiness. Everything affects your cells and so a holistic approach is needed to help recreate your life on all levels and not just from the inside out.

Holistic means looking at a body, mind, heart and spirit connection as a whole. It means looking at the motherboard and the electrical switches to enable to power to be on in each area of the 'house' (you).

SCIENCE NERD INFORMATION WARNING (the following is for those that love the nerdy Science and proof as much as I do...)

For The Science Brains - How Cells Work & Why It Matters

The cells in our bodies work together with similar cells to form structures called tissues. Tissues make up the different organs and functional material in our bodies. Each cell is composed of many smaller units called organelles. An organelle in a cell is comparable to an organ in the human body. Cells work by having enzymes carry out chemical reactions. The enzymes in a cell are responsible for everything from breaking down glucose for energy to creating new enzymes and making it possible for cells to reproduce.

The simplest forms of life on earth are bacteria. They are made of a single cell, and they are believed to be the first form of life to arise on earth that still exists today. While plant and animal cells are significantly more complex than bacteria, there are a number of similarities that strongly suggest that modern cells descended from bacteria.

As cells began working together, they eventually formed into distinct collections of cells. Plants and animals are the result of this evolution, and all forms of life on earth are comprised of cells with more similarities than dissimilarities. The versatile nature of cells makes them great at adapting to new roles (and environments!).

So how many cells are in the human body? Calculating the number of cells in the human body is tricky. It's actually not all that easy to answer that simple question. But recently, scientists have made a pretty good effort. And their final count is...37.2 trillion. And yes that’s a lot of cell life living within your amazing body.

You are Not Your Genetics. You are Not Your DNA.

Scientists have always believed that we are bound to our genetics. E.g. what you inherit is what you get. With this style of thinking we have always made up many excuses for our choices in life and we’ve blamed all our shortcomings and health issues on the genetics or DNA we were given.

Until now.

The ‘central dogma’ of modern orthodox biology is that life is controlled by genes. In this great youtube documentary (google it): The Biology of Belief, cell biologist Bruce Lipton explains how the latest research via the Human Genome Project has shown genetic determinism to be fundamentally flawed, and presents a very readable account of the ‘new biology’.

He says that research into the way cells receive and process information shows that a cell’s life is controlled not by its genes but by the physical and energetic environment, which, in the case of humans, includes our thoughts.

He writes: ‘The belief that we are frail biochemical machines controlled by genes is giving way to an understanding that we are powerful creators of our lives and the world in which we live’.

This might give you some kind of explanation into why we see cell health and overall mental health dramatically increase to a more positive and vibrant state at our retreat - where we work with thoughts, diet and environmental changes just as you can do at home wherever you are at anytime. We don’t just work on rebuilding your physical health, we provide a supportive nurturing and calm environment that impacts every. single. system. in the body. YOU CAN CREATE THIS FOR YOURSELF AT HOME. Our process is not just about dietary change. It is about a complete recreation of your life but it all starts with what you feed your cells. And then it’s about how to re-charge your life on all level building from the foundation of health.

Create Happiness From Your Cells Out - Starting Today

1. Environmental Happiness

What is the most important thing and the most prominent change you can make to your environment right now, however small to impact the happiness and 'flow' of your electrical life force current? Your workload, life at home, balance, dealing with emotion and thought.....what is one area that you can change right now that will create a more positive environment for your to live in?

Think! And then do it! What can I do today that will make my cells smile?

  • Could it be doing one thing a day that you love even for 5 minutes?

  • Could it be walking in nature?

  • Could it be listening to music that you love?

  • Could it be sitting down and creating a plan for more balance?

  • Could it be reducing your overwhelm at work by delegating or negotiating or choosing to not take on as much?

  • Could it be looking for/getting a new job?

  • Could it be something social that brings you happiness and connection?

  • Could it be practicing gratitude?

  • Could it be kicking a toxic relationship to the curb?

  • Could it be choosing to forgive and forget?

  • Could it be making a decision you have been delaying?

  • Could you stop, be mindful, be still and breathe and try your own kind of meditation even if you have no idea what you are doing?

There has to be something that you can do today, right now that can make your cells sing.

2. Physical Rejuvenation

The easiest way to fast track cell health is to rectify your diet. Given how much your cells play a part in transporting nutrients to each bodily system, it's common sense that nutrients are needed for the cells to actually transport them. No nutrients = no cell life = no immunity = reduced happiness.

  • Increase nutrient density - 80% of what is on your plate is life force matter/cell food like veges, alkaline foods, fresh, free of nasties kind of goodness and 20% is protein for your brain and cellular building blocks. For your dinner tonight you could just go with this option.

  • Can you exercise? Even just a little bit and even just today? Dance in your living room, drop down and give me 20. Anything that gets your blood and cells bouncing and moving.

All you have to do, now that you have the knowledge of cell health, is take action.

You just have to pick one thing from above and implement today and you can tell me about it in the comments below.

Lots of love


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