A 7 Day Kickstart to Healthy Eating + Meal Plan & Recipes

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The toughest part of eating well is... Just. Getting. Started. This means having someone else do most of the hard work for you so here it is:

Your 3 Day Healthy Eating Meal Plan + Recipes + Audio Guide + Introduction To my Alive Cleanse & Detox!

Over 3 days you will improve your digestion, increase your energy, totally infuse your body with nutrients and you may even see the effects of this plan on your weight, sleep, mood and happiness! Yes!

Note: I recommend getting a buddy to do this with you, that way you won't fall off the wagon and you'll have someone to share the experience with.

Breaking Down The 7 Day Eating Well Challenge

Yes that's right I'm turning this into a challenge. You and your buddy are going to challenge each other to make the most of this experience. But first why do this?

Why Do This?

Let's explore the reasons behind why some of us decide right now is the time to begin treating our body well with nutrient dense food:

1. You are tired. Sleepy, fatigued, foggy or exhausted.

If you are tired or stressed then the number 1 thing your body needs most is nutrients. Nutrients = energy. If you are not jumping out of bed or you have lost your zest for life then nutritious food is the answer but usually the first to go from your list of priorities. I know when I am tired all I crave is carbs, and not the good kind. For others it's sugar. BUT when we break down where energy comes from it is derived from two things: nutrients + stellar digestion. It doesn't come from short bursts of sugar or carbs. This diet gives you both the nutrients and supports digestion.

2. You are unhappy with your weight. Over or under. Balance is key.

Balance is key to getting your body in shape as is knowing what to eat and what not to eat without feeling like you are in jail. This goes for both being over and under weight. People at our retreat who undergo the Alive diet in 7 days are always surprised at how much they love it. They rarely feel like they are going without and they are astonished at the changes in their body, including weightloss or gain, in a short amount of time but without needing to starve or strip your body of what it needs to flourish. In just 3 days you will notice the difference.

3. You have digestive problems. Pain. No one likes pain and discomfort. It's bloody annoying.

If you have persistent niggling digestive issues like cramping, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or just feel that your digestion is sluggish then this is the diet for you. The diet is built around gut health. Take it from someone who spent a whole 2 years unable to digest anything. It's awful. And if you want to know how gut health affects your mental health then you need to click here.

4. You've been sick. Arrrggghhh.

Nothing makes us think 'holy crap I need to do something about my health' more than a stubborn cold or infection or a week in bed feeling as though you are going to die. Dis-ease in the body is always a healthy reminder to show it some loving and care. Immunity is one of the top goals of every retreat client I've worked with. That one always surprised me but it makes sense right? Longevity equals immunity. Being sick...It's expensive, it's draining and it downright sucks to be ill. If you want immunity and for your health to not get in the way of living the best life possible, you've got to love your body to the moon and back with good food.

5. You've decided to love yourself. No really I mean it.

Eating well is the highest form of self respect and love. This is not the first reason though that people think of when they think 'healthy meal plan'. What they usually think is please don't take away my wine and chocolate. But it is really the number 1 reason why any of us should choose to eat well....AND it's only 3 days c'mon you can love yourself for 3 days! It helps you rebuild a relationship with your body, to get back in touch with its needs and to help it flourish instead of barely surviving. Show it the love that it deserves for carrying you through this lifetime.

6. You've got the blues. Or you are so stressed you are about to implode. Yep that's right diet can help you to heal.

My diet was built for mental health. And all of us need stellar mental health. It's only when it starts to slip away from you that you realise how valuable it was. I won't coach anyone with mental health issues without the agreement to change the way that they eat. If they want a 100% heal rate for treating tough mental health issues they have to do my diet. Without diet I can't help them. So maybe its time to do less therapy and more cooking. And see where that leads you. I think we've always looked at mental health from a completely wrong angle. We've recently realised that the key to mental health has a whole lot to do with your gut. My diet is built for gut health. If you want to know how that works read this blog.

"Eating well is the highest form of self respect and love."

6 Good Reasons To Do This 7 Day Challenge

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1. Your Body Will Say Thank You

If you love your body it will love you back with wonderful digestion, energy and more. You simply begin to feel happy for no apparent reason.

2. Energy In Abundance

It's what great health offers. It gives us an abundance of energy each day to live our life to the fullest. We can do and create all the wonderful things we’ve had on hold due to feeling ‘flat’ or because we ‘can’t be bothered.’

3. Vitality, Life Force & Qi

If you feel like ‘life’ has been sucked right out of you. We want to reinstall your 'qi' (life force) and get you your drive and fulfilment back.

4. Confidence and Self Esteem

Eating well makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself and when you feel a whole lot better, you look a whole lot better and the cycle continues. Sparkling eyes, glowing skin and glossy hair is just the start. You radiate!

5. Inspire Others

Be a role model for those you love; your children, partner, family and friends

If others see the change in you it will inspire them to take better care of themselves as well.

6. Mental Health

Surely this reason alone is enough to eat well! If you want stellar mental health then you need nutrients and gut health.

What's In & Out Of The Meal Plan?

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  • Alkaline Foods & Drinks

  • Fresh Organic Veges & Low Sugar Fruits

  • Organic Protein Sources (Maximum 20% on the plate)

  • Good Oils and Fats

  • Fermented Foods & Drinks For Improving Gut Flora


  • Gluten

  • Dairy

  • Sugar

  • Alcohol

  • Anything else that zaps your energy & inhibits digestion

3 Steps To Start Your Healthy Eating Plan

1. Get A Buddy

2. Email me for your free 7 day healthy eating plan

4. Go Shopping & Begin

That's it now all you need to do is start!

I'd love to hear all about your progress in the comments below.

Enjoy and have a great day.

Lots of Love

Heidi x

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