Increase Your Energy & Raise Your Vibration

I don't believe that eating perfectly everyday and exercising constantly is entirely responsible for increasing our energy. Sure it certainly helps but there are many many ways to have those feel good vibes, wake refreshed and be motivated to create the life we want. And they are not all physical.

You see your body is made up of approximately 37.2 trillion cells.

Those tiny little energy bubbles that dance around inside you need more than just good food and movement. They are energetic. So we have to consider what else affects our energy????

If you look at all that you want more of in your life - you need more energy to go after it. You want to look good and feel good. You want more connection with others. You want more creativity. You want to travel, run, play. You want to have a positive effect on others. You want to create a life you love.

Look at everything you want that seems out of reach - It all comes down to having the energy you need to go after it.

Your cells are not only effected by what goes in your mouth but also but what you are surrounded with, the way you perceive yourself and your world and whether you are inspired or not. And that's not all. They are effected by nature, beauty, feel good vibes of others and lots more. So you see we have 37.2 trillion opportunities to change up our energy and 'vibe' whenever we want to and it will have a butterfly effect on every part of our lives and others.

This means rather than thinking - I have to diet and exercise - I now can be REALLY creative in small ways to influence the whole of my system.

Watch this video and I'll walk you through how we do it.

If you are ready to increase your energy and raise your good vibes. You can access my 7 day Balance & Beyond mini course here.

Love Heidi x

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