Mind Balance = Clarity Then Energy

For your mind to feel sharp, vibrant and to be motivated to go after what you really want in life... we first need clarity, centreing and calming of the mind. From that foundation we build all that we want in life.

How to Calm The Mind For More Energy & Motivation

Proper Rest

And I don't just mean sleep. Most of us are either go, go, go or falling down to sleep. However your nervous and hormone systems require short moments of rest repeated many times throughout the day to help the mind find short moments of surrender and peace. The mind was never supposed to be used for 18 hours a day! So if you have something to focus on, engage with or worry about for every waking hour - your mind will eventually become erratic, exhausted and scattered. From that point it's impossible to feel energised and motivated. If you are chemically exhausted due to an overactive mind - you will never have the energy to chase what you really want. This is the mind body connection 101.

So taking short moments of just presence, stillness, breathing and even day dreaming often throughout the day can help your mind 'switch off' and be in a state of centre.

Be Here Now Vs Living In The Past or Future

Many of us spend a lot of time rehashing past events and worrying about future events that haven't even happened yet! When we learn to observe the present moment - which is really the only moment we have any control over - we tend to feel a lot more at peace. From that moment, and all the opportunities it is presenting us with, we gain clarity and contentment.

So beginning a day to day mindfulness practice can give us the 'centre' we are searching for and become a launch pad for energy and motivation to go after true meaning.

Learn The Art Of Emotional Intelligence

Over 90% of women that take my Balance Quiz tell me that they have never learned how to deal with their thoughts and emotions. Most of were never taught this as children. So now is the time. The more emotionally intelligent we become, the easier it is to deal with what we face and stay motivated and energised over the long term. Combine this with being present and you have a launch pad for all that you want to create for yourself.

Focus On What You Really Want

We can easily get caught up in dealing with to do's. Take the time to figure out what you want to do more of and what you no longer want to do. This gives you a definitive list of things to avoid or be rid of and things to do more of. Simply write down I want.... and see what comes out. Write down 'I don't want' and see what comes out. This is your starting point for your new life direction.

Gratitude For What You Are And What You Have

Motivation doesn't mean we keep chasing, chasing, chasing the future every day. It means we remain motivated to keep building on what we already have. Apart of feeling happy and motivated is being able to truly acknowledge what we already have built for ourselves and be grateful for all that we already are.

If you are ready to dive deep into these life areas and create an abundance of energy this month as well as be motivated to really create life just how you want it.... join my 7 day Journey from Balance to Beyond here.

See you in LS!

Love Heidi


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