How Do I Become Motivated?

Being a motivated person has nothing to do with genetics or personality. It has everything to do with the foundation you build from your health (energy), mindset (clarity) and the courage to go after what you really want in your life.

How To Upscale Your Motivation & Energy

Build A Foundation For Motivation

Gain the clarity and energy you need first from supporting your body (food + movement), resting and centering your mind (mindfulness, mind calming, yoga) and motivation becomes a natural byproduct of those small changes to mind and body.

What do you love to do?

I ask hundreds of women this question - and it always stumps them! We need to take the time more often to dream and really check in with our soul's desires. When we tap into what we really want and what we love to do and focus all our energy on that we naturally wake motivated and charged up ready to take on our day and the world.

Plan Things That Excite You

Why would we feel motivated if there was nothing ever to look forward to that excites us? Take the time to plan small things into your week that get you really excited. The more you have to look forward to the more feel good hormones are pumping in your body. Those feelings and sensations accumulate and the by product is feeling motivated to keep on creating things in your life that excite you.

Focus On What You Really Want

We can easily get caught up in dealing with to do's. Take the time to figure out what you want to do more of and what you no longer want to do. This gives you a definitive list of things to avoid or be rid of and things to do more of. Simply write down I want.... and see what comes out. Write down 'I don't want' and see what comes out. This is your starting point for your new life direction.

Take Action - Be Courageous

Once you know what you really want - it's time to take serious action on it. Take the plunge and challenge yourself occasionally to grow in anyway that you can and go after something you really want. The more challenge and wins you have the more motivated you will be to continue to upscale your life in more ways than one.

If you are ready to dive deep into these life areas and create an abundance of energy this month as well as be motivated to really create life just how you want it.... join my Balance & Beyond 7 Day Challenge here.

See you in LS!

Love Heidi


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