Energise The Body Naturally

Take my quick tips for gaining natural energy for your beautiful body!

The fastest way to gain natural energy is by nourishing your amazing body.

Natural Energy Boosters


Make sure you are drinking enough and it is excellent quality!

Bye Bye Short Highs

Lose the need to grab carbs, sugar or coffee for short term energy spurts. Go for fresh wholefoods, protein and natural highs like Green or White tea.

Eat Lighter Foods Packed With Nutrients For Natural Highs

Light foods = lighter mind and body.

Consider how much you are eating and go for soups, juices and salads packed with nutrient density to lighten your digestive load.

Coffee :(

Drop coffee at least 12 hours before bedtime. This way your natural body clock can do its job.

Iron & B Vitamins

Lots of ladies I work with are low in Iron and B's. If you are not a fan of red meat - go for my all time fav of spirulina.

If you are ready to dive deep into these life areas and create an abundance of energy this month as well as be motivated to really create life just how you want it.... join my 7 Day Balance Challenge here.

See you in LS!

Love Heidi


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