Better Sleep = More Energy + Motivation

Not sleeping well? Mind ticking over before bed with your list of to do's and worries? Like to push the boundaries and stay up late?

Here's why sleep matters when we want oodles of energy, clarity, focus and motivation!

Natural Sleep Enhancers


Make sure you are drinking enough and it is excellent quality!

Bye Bye Technology

Can you ditch TV or technology right before bed? Use that time to soak up staring at the stars, journaling or taking time to soak in the bath. Give your body the down time it needs before bed and eliminate the techno radiation in the bedroom.

Get A Sleep App

If you are like me I love to stay up late. Which is a terrible idea when my child wakes at 6am. I love my Iphone sleep app - it shows me when I'm heading into the red zone and reminds me what I'm going to feel like the next day... which is tired and cranky. So grab yourself a sleep app and try and wake with the sun and get at least a good 7+ hours.

Coffee :(

Drop coffee at least 12 hours before bedtime. This way your natural body clock can do its job. In the afternoon switch to calming teas like good ol chamomile to nurture your nervous system and help calm you before bed.


Hmmm I love magnesium. It gives me a dreamy feeling before bed and makes me feel super happy the next day. Soak your feet in magnesium bath salts, rub oil on your skin or take a supplement that is easily absorbed.

Tackle That Overactive Mind

I've got lots of easy relaxation and meditations on my site. Your mind needs to sometimes hover in a state of presence and rest BEFORE sleep or in fact many times throughout the day. So take the time before bed to lie and breathe, centring yourself for at least 10+ minutes before you doze off.

If you are ready to dive deep into these life areas and create an abundance of energy this month as well as be motivated to really create life just how you want it.... join my 7 day Balance & Beyond challenge.

See you in LS!

Love Heidi


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