What Zaps Our Energy & Motivation

Over 90% of women that take my Balance Quiz tell me they way tired, fatigued and EXHAUSTED! Ladies this shocked the pants off me!

So how do we increase our energy?

Well first we have to look at where our energy drains are.

Let's look at it holistically....

Physical Energy Zappers


What do you eat this gives you energy ? What do you eat that drains you of energy?

When we need energy often we take the shortest possible route - we grab anything that gives us a small high instead of fueling our body for long term energy that sustains us, fuels us and gives us the clarity and focus we want.

Before we build natural energy - we first have to have a stable foundation and find CLARITY - and we start with what goes in our mouth.

So increase your consumption of excellent H20 (almost everyone who lacks energy never drinks enough water), increase your protein and couple it with light nutrient dense foods, drop the coffee and sugar to a minimum and go for green drinks and healthy teas.

Grab my recipes here.


Are you getting enough sleep? Is your mind active all the way from waking until sleep time?

Learning to rest before sleep so your body is ready to completely unwind is super important for your energy and mood the next day.

Your body and every bodily system needs time to heal and rejuvenate for you to wake excited and ready for your day - energised.

Lose the TV or any technology before bed, set an alarm to get to bed and rise with the sun, take short moments when you wake and before bed to properly undwin and just be and watch your natural energy reserves increase.


When your blood gets pumping with fresh oxygen you feel ready and willing to take on your day and anything that you face. If you are sitting all day long and breathing shallow breaths you are limiting the amount of oxygen that every cell needs.

Even a quick walk, a few star jumps when you get out of bed or a 15 minute workout twice a day will get fresh oxygen into your blood, cells and brain and give you a sustained release of energy throughout the day.

Grab my yoga here.

Stress & Worry

Nothing is more draining than going over and over in your mind what your to do list is something that is out of your control. It leaves us feeling really heavy, tired and drained.

It's not as simple as just asking those thoughts to stop or pushing them away! What the mind needs is short moments of peace repeated many times, learning to breathe through discomfort and absolute release preferably once a day through a short meditation where you simply learn to surrender to what has been and what is coming.

Grab my meditations here.

Being Unhappy With What You Do

Why would we feel motivated and energised if most of what we have to do everyday doesn't make our heart sing? Being motivated and energised requires looking closely at what we do want and what we don't want. Take the time to clean up what you don't want to do and find a way to start doing more of what you really want to do everyday. Essentially - love what you do everyday and you will always feel energised and motivated to keep creating more and more of what you love.

Try my purpose and passion challenge here.

If you are ready to dive deep into these life areas and create an abundance of energy this month as well as be motivated to really create life just how you want it.... join Life School Premium - it's $19 a month to have the support, tools and connection you need with others to make positive change.

See you in LS!

Love Heidi


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