Do You Eat Well - Really?

Eating well is a matter of 2 things:

1. Perception

2. Education

Let me explain further.

Perception. We can 'think' we are eating well or 'tell ourselves we are eating well' when actually it's not the case.

There are a lot of little things we put in our mouth that we dismiss or forget about. And it's all those little things that add up to bigger effects on our health.

When clients used to attend my retreat program that they had to be really honest and clear about that went in their mouth every day. I would ask them to write down what they eat. They would always give me the best case scenario - and completely leave out the fast food and junk they were sneaking :) Or the 6 coffees a day or the addiction to sugar or chocolate lol. They were in complete denial about the effect of those 'little added extras' on their health. They were in fact pretending they weren't consuming them at all. We all do it.

However the body - or to be more precise - the cells, don't lie.

I'll explain in detail in this video:

When we take a look closely at your cells under a microscope it shows you all you need to know about the state of your body. I've seen grown men and women cry when they see their cells - and the effect of the 'little added extras on their health. Then the penny drops and the connection between their lack of energy, sleep and drive for life all starts to make sense.

So the first step in healthy eating and better health is in fact shifting our perception - and being really honest with what goes in our mouth.

The second thing we need to have under our belt to build the energy, clarity and focus we want is education.

There is alot of misleading education about food and healthy eating. And it can be really overwhelming.

Over a decade I've watched my client's body's transform using some basic principles that helps us hep our body flourish. And it pays dividends.

You see it's easy to fall into the trap of buying into labels - for example that raspberry cordial you are drinking doesn't in fact contain any fresh raspberries. It's full of sugar, preservatives and additives that are not paying your body dividends. That 'fruit bar' you are eating is in fact full of fillers, weird numbers on the label and in fact no fruit at all.

So education becomes key in keeping it simple when it comes to healthy eating. And mother earth new best - she created a whole smorgasboard of fresh natural produce for us to consume - and somewhere along the line we decided to turn our back on natural and focus on fast.

If you want to fill your bank account (body) to pay you dividends over the long term you have to look at what is right in front of you - food straight from mother earth herself.

I have a few tips for you - to help you get the perception and education you need to eat healthy:

1. If it doesn't come from the ground don't eat it - it will rob your bank account.

2. Reduce what the gut cannot function with - sugar and anything that breaks down to sugar - including grains, dairy and fruit.

3. Alkaline your body and your system will flourish - just think green and fresh foliage.

4. You need actual real nutrients. Which means fresh vegetables and salad in abundance and they should fill 80% of your plate.

5. Eat 80% foliage and 20% good fats and proteins. Fat doesn't make you fat, grains and sugar make you fat.

So what is your starting point? Everyone has a different level of intensity when it comes to healthy eating. If you are lacking energy and feeling unwell of course your drive will be higher than those that are just getting by with their health.

I prefer the idea of long term healthy eating over dieting and small changes can make big waves.

To get you started I have a 7 day Balance challenge for you. In this 7 days to Balance & Beyond I'll share my secret body hacks and self care rituals with you. Start the journey here.

Love Heidi x

P.S Know someones who's self is suffering? Maybe you want to pass this blog onto them? Also drop me a comment below on what your starting point is today for healthy eating???

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