5 Must Have Happiness Hacks

Are you always chasing those feel good vibes of 'feeling happy'?

Are you lacking the natural feeling of waking up happy everyday?

Then you need to hack your own happiness.

But before I share my happiness tips, I want to talk about the Happiness Trap.

There are 400 emotions, sensations, desires and feelings that us humans experience. In this day and age we chase one thing - happiness.

Why? Because it feels awesome. It feels awesome because at the actual moment of happiness our body is flooding with feel good hormones. And this can become addictive.

Every magazine, billboard and TV ad is filled with pictures of happy positive people. And this is what we are led to believe we should look and feel like all the time. Which is crazy. Because that would mean we would have to eliminate the other 399 emotions that we get to experience as a human being.

There is good reason for why I do not own a TV, don't read magazines, don't listen to radio, don't read the newspaper and never scroll through instagram looking at all the 'happy snaps' that are largely fake. The more time you spend glaring at those images, the lower your self confidence and self compassion will be. You will remain in a state of constant comparison and lose sight of how magnificent you are.

We get very crafty at trying to avoid any feelings of discomfort and control life in a way so that more external happiness shows up in our lives. We create a picture of happiness and chase it relentlessly. There is nothing wrong with that.


That until the vision of happiness shows up, we feel like we are inadequate, like life is just 'not quite right/perfect' yet. And we feel like we are failing whilst we are under the bar of next happy feel good moment or achievement.

We feel like if we are not being 'positive' all the time that there is something wrong with us. Instead being compassionate towards a body and mind that is in the midst of living the whole human experience - which includes negative emotions and feelings sometimes. It also includes mistakes and learning from the mistakes. It includes discomfort.

You can still chase happiness as long as your worth is not dependent on having it.

When we become open and allowing and even compassionate for the whole human experience - we are more likely to feel genuine happiness on a daily basis.

Watch my video here on this blog:

So my first Happiness Hack is:

1. Lose The Need To Pin Your Happiness On An Event or Moment In The Future

Because getting to this moment is largely out of your control. And until you get there you will always remain in a state of fear, worry, distraction, struggle and inadequacy.


2. Interlace Short Moments of Peace, Gratitude & Joy Into Everyday

This will give you the moment by moment, day by day happiness you are seeking. It is in the short moments of being hooked in to the present moment (rather than living through a vision of the future that hasn't happened yet) that we find our greatest sense of contentment and joy.

My third and fourth Happiness Hacks I want to focus on the body. Why? Because in the very intricate lining of your digestion system there is a birthplace of all neurotransmitters in the body. Feel good and not so feel good hormones are largely produced in the gut. So when you flourish the digestive system. You also flourish your ability to feel naturally happy.

3. Flourish The Gut With Foods & Drinks That Help Produce Feel Good Hormones

This means removing foods and drinks that have damaging effect on gut health and adding in foods and drinks that flourish the gut. I love to use daily fermented foods and drinks like kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut and more. I have lots of info on my blog about gut health.

4. Look To Mother Nature For Help

Instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet or whatever you use to give you short bursts of feel good doses, look to mother nature. When we grab bandaids we are not adding to the body's ability to generate happiness for the long term. So if long term happiness is the goal, it's better to add in daily what will support and ongoing sense of happiness and contentment.

There are many ways to increase our natural sense of feeling good. Like herbal teas, minerals, vitamins and herbs. Everybody is unique so listen to your body and do your research on what is right for you.

If feeling unhappy is a way to common experience for you then it might be time to get clear on the root cause of your unhappiness. We can be very good sometimes at ignoring our own needs. There might be alot of things you are chasing that in fact you don't want. And it could leave you feeling unhappy. So my next hack is:

5. Get Clear On What You Really Want and Don't Want

Simply grab a piece of paper and create 2 columns. One side write down all the things you want more of in your life. Create mini goals to bring them into your days and weeks starting today. Take action. Write a list of all the things you don't want and create action mini goals to start eliminating them from your life.

If you are ready to re define what means the most for you over the long term, you can join my 7 day Balance & Beyond Challenge here. We dive deep into your self worth, what your dreams and passions really are and how to pull them to the surface. Join Here.

Love Heidi x

P.S Please leave me a comment below sharing your thoughts on happiness and what steps you will take today. Also if you know someone is unhappy you might want to share this with them.

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