3 Mistakes All Women Make When Chasing A Balanced Life

If trying to create balance in your life is catching a slippery eel then read on.

As I observe the life of many women in the modern world (and I’ve spent more than 10 000 hours in a coaching seat observing them) I see the same mistakes pop up over and over when it comes to trying to find this elusive thing we call balance.

1). Women Are Way Too Hard On Themselves

We wear a lot of masculine hats these days. We are all in the race of ‘having more’. And this has produced a whole lot of pressure and hardness for women. The issue with this is that naturally us ladies are the soft, nurturing, creative, supportive, loving forces of the universe. We think that by being hard on ourselves and losing self kindness and compassion that we will progress faster. But in fact it is the opposite.

2). We are Time Poor. Or so we think.

The amount I see some women trying to do in a day is scary. When I look back at what I used to try and do in a day it was crazy! There is more time than we think. It’s the way we have set our life up that is the problem – yet it can be oh so different. We need new lenses on. A new set of eyes over our life. We need soul injected into our weeks. We need to lift the limitations of ‘it must be hard’ and replace it with the skills, passion and purpose that is sitting right in front of us. The joy and dreams we are so desperately seeking. And it’s much easier than you think.

3). We Don’t Have Self Care Tools (and don’t know where to start)

If life is already busy and overwhelming, adding in the extra chore of trying to find the inspiration, tools, self help, softness, connection and joy we are seeking can be like another full time job. And there is soooooo much information out there. It can be like stabbing in the dark. Over 20 years I’ve pulled all the tools together so you don’t have to. I put them in the right order. In a language you can understand.

Are you making any of these three mistakes?

How do we rectify this?

If you want balance (and beyond) we have to:

STOP NOW and reassess.

Become aware of what the problem is.

Have a proven process to follow.

The truth is that if you are making any of these three mistakes you have less than a 25% chance of maintaining any kind of balance in your life (let alone the joy and fun you are missing out on).

The world is changing. It isn’t getting any slower. In fact every year things speed up just a little bit more. So if you don’t STOP trying to be superwoman now and reassess where your life is headed (and your stress levels/health/happiness) then how is life ever going to be what you dreamed it to be?

However on the flip side I know women that have ample time to play each day, time to themselves, time to focus on what drives them, time for loved ones, time to nourish their bodies. I know them because I got them there.

Do The 2 Min Balance Test

I Have Good News! For those of you who are lacking time, doing way too much and killing yourself to progress. I have developed a free 2 Minute Balance Quiz for you.

The reason this simple quiz is so powerful is that it gives YOU your own awareness of which area of your life is draining your energy and tipping the scales of balance in the wrong direction. In my experience if you don't have your own awareness - you will never start the journey of empowerment.

Up until 2 years ago I was working on the front lines with severe mental health clients face to face 12 hours a day. And I was barely making a dint in the problem one by one.

I decided to STOP and get ahead of the issue to prevent it completely. This means giving you the awareness of where you are at so you can see for yourself what needs to change.

I’ve developed a free quiz that helps you outline the core areas that you need to focus on the most to prevent the burn out and stress.

At the end of the quiz quickly check your balance score and see what I recommend for where you are at.

The mindset shift you will gain in this free QUIZ is what has helped me transform the lives of over 1800 women. If you want the balance (and beyond) you are seeking in your life. You must first have the awareness of where you are at and then have the tools to get moving.

Balance Quiz Sign Up

It’s a new world out there these days for women wearing many hats and losing themselves amongst the madness. But there is a new breed of women emerging – empowered, balanced and full of vitality – and they are still progressing without having to be superwoman. Just remember if you don’t do anything about your own health and happiness now – in 6 months you will still be living a life of just ‘meh’ – and that would be a damn shame!

Here’s the link again: Balance Quiz

Love Heidi x

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