3 Things You Must Know To Manage Stress & Heal Burnout

In my early 20’s my mental and physical health went down the toilet.

I went from having it all and doing it all to anxious and burnt out fast.

I hit rock bottom with a loud thump.

Today I live a life of balance and my days are set up just how I want them to be. I have a thriving business, time to myself to do whatever I wish, a beautiful home and family and stellar health.

Sounds peachy doesn't it? Well it was a long road to get here.

I found a unique recipe to help me flourish in all life areas without killing myself to have it all and do it all.

It took me 20 years to develop the recipe.

How was I able to do this?

How was I able to go from Broken to Balance & Beyond FAST

In this short video I'll cover the 3 most important things that form the underbelly of finding balance and beyond - eradicating stress, recovering from burnout and creating the life and version of yourself you want.

Three things:


The Holistic Butterfly Effect

I stopped focusing on one part of myself (namely the mind and my emotions only).

I looked at the whole person and I made small changes in each life area that had profound effects on the body, the mind and the spirit. This sped up the healing process and reduced the overwhelm of feeling like balance was a slippery eel I would never be able to catch.


Love & Support For Self

I got the love and support that I needed. And I decided to stop battering myself for not being good enough.

This led to giving up on the belief that I had to kill myself to progress in record time.

Because No One Else was running that race – it was just me.

This commitment to self-care gives you the bond and connection you were looking for in all the wrong places. Self respect returns and provides an awesome platform to build a whole new life on. Because if you don’t like yourself you won’t ever chase going bigger and deeper in your life.


Respect The Vessel You Live In

The body comes first. The health of the body is the birthplace of your sanity, emotional wellbeing, energy, clarity, self worth, self respect and love of life. Respect it and refill it like a bank account and it will pay you dividends beyond your wildest expectations.

When I put these 3 things together – and I was relentless in only focusing on these 3 things instead of trying to head in a million different directions – I gained my health and life back. My health and happiness returned. I found long term balance. And it was pretty simple – body first, small changes in key life areas that would have the greatest effect on all others and self kindness. I’ve had a few more cracks at burnout since then. But I’ve refined and refined the tools to make it stick for good.

The world is changing. It isn’t getting any slower. In fact every year things speed up just a little bit more. So if you don’t STOP trying to be superwoman now and reassess where your life is headed (and your stress levels/health/happiness) then how is life ever going to be what you dreamed it to be?

However on the flip side I know women that have ample time to play each day, time to themselves, time to focus on what drives them, time for loved ones, time to nourish their bodies. I know them because I got them there.

I Have Good News!

For those of you who are lacking time, doing way too much and exhausting yourself to progress. I have developed a 7 day Balance & Beyond course to help you get there...

Because up until 2 years ago I was working on the front lines with severe mental health clients. I decided to STOP and get ahead of the issue to prevent it completely. Rather than dealing with the problem at the very end when it was almost too late.

So I decided to work backwards.

I’ve developed a tool kit to prevent the burn out and the stress. And I’ve wrapped up these tools in this Mini Course.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1. Why balance beats burn out hands down (your body will thank you)

2. Why it's ok to become SELF centred

3. Why soul time matters

4. Whether you have 'superwoman syndrome'?

5. Whether you are way too hard on yourself

6. Why it might be time to remove your imaginary cement boots to get the passion and purpose you want

Love Heidi x


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