Quick! Check Your Schedule - Where Is The Soul Time?

Hey There!

I have a question for you...

Do you want to look back when you are 80 and go ‘WOW look at that life I had! I was so fulfilled, happy, joyful, [insert amazing life memories here]’

‘Look at all the wonderful experiences I had!!!! Look at all the adventure and joy and prosperity. I am so grateful for my life. It couldn’t have been any better!’

Would you like to feel that way at the end of your days? Every day, whatever I’m doing I always have this as a goal at the back of my mind.

Well guess what – if you want to look back and love the life you had (and love it now) you gotta plan for it!

Recently in one of my online courses I had a group that were stuck with our soul section – I gave them all of this inspirational material as to why and how to go after a life of more meaning. But they were still stuck and then it him me – I realised that almost everyone did NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAN FOR MORE SOULFUL MEANING! Or worse they didn’t know they could.

They could plan their weekly to do list and check lists at work. They could even do a business plan. But they didn’t have a LIFE PLAN FILLED WITH SOUL. It’s like they had forgotten they were allowed to dream big and they had to be reminded that it was ok to dream big and figure out a way to go after your dreams. Starting Now.

Enter the next chapter of your life – SOULFUL LIVING

This is super simple.

All you have to do is:

  1. Dream up the best possible life you can for yourself

  2. Add in things you can do in your schedule that will take you towards that life everyday. Visualise it, feel it, smell it as if it is real.

  3. Take action. Don’t give up. Live those dreams. Live a soulful life!

Here is a short video to help you do this:

So here is what I would like to hear from you today…..

Leave a quick comment below (even if you are the first) sharing what you are going to add into your weekly schedule to bring more soul to your days, weeks and months AND what little or big dreams you’ve been hiding that you’d like to go after? Be bold and big!

Also do you know someone who keeps talking about a big dream but never goes after it? If you do share this post with them.

Also if you don’t even have a weekly schedule then that’s something worth considering. My upcoming Balance & Beyond 7 Day Challenge will help you put one together built on your wildest dreams.

Love Heidi x

P.S If you are looking for the next video in this Balance series, click here.

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