I’ve Got A Challenge For You. Take This 4 Second Life Direction Challenge.

If you want to direct your life like a master wizard with wand in hand – you have to know your value system. Now I don’t mean the core life values that we all know we have – like kindness, generosity and family. I mean the values you don’t have but want to have – the ones that are going to lead your life in a whole new direction.

So, off the top of your head answer for me now in 4 seconds what are the 4 life values leading your life right now that are going to help you become the person you want to be?

Could you answer?

If you can’t or you are unsure or even saying ‘what are values?!? And what is Heidi talking about!!!’ watch this short video and I’ll walk you through nailing the next part of your life direction by accessing the 4 top values you need to live by.

I’ll let you in on a little secret - We need to know our values by heart if we want to live by our heart. People that are flying through life getting where they want to go in record time and living on their own terms have one thing in common – THEY KNOW THEIR VALUES and their values hold true meaning. The other thing they know is how to serve the world with them.

You see when we are living by our value system we are fulfilled, passionate and life is full of purpose. We are excited to jump out of bed. Eager to see what the day will bring. When we have that kind of energy - it affects all other parts of ourselves - our body (health), our mind (inner calm) and our soul (spirit). So if Balance is what we are seeking.... sometimes we can make one small change and it has a butterfly effect on every other life area.

So here is what I would like to hear from you today…..

Leave a quick comment below (even if you are the first) sharing your top 4 values that will lead the next part of your life and how you can serve with them. Also comment on the effect this would have on the other areas of your wellbeing as a whole person.

Also do you know someone who is feeling in a little lost in their life direction pass this blog onto them.

Love Heidi x

P.S if you want to get super clear on your values I cover it here in my 7 day journey - Balance & Beyond.

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