How I've Taken Over 1800 Women From Broken to Balanced in 7 Days

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I’ve taken over 1800 women from stuck, stressed and broken to balanced in 7 days in person. See how I do it.

Did you know that you are made up of lots of loving parts that all integrate into one amazing system? Just like a car every part affects the other. If you miss oiling one part – the car breaks.

For a decade I’ve worked with a lot of broken, stressed, burnt out and just plain over it women. Why did they seek me out? Well they come for a range of issues. The stressful job, too many to do’s, they didn’t like themselves, something happened in life that caught them off guard or even slapped them hard, their health was failing, their relationship broke or they weren’t sure what the next part of their life would be and didn’t know where to start.

Essentially all women I’ve worked with lacked balance in more than one life area. And they were just plain over it and ready to change.

I’m sure as a woman you can resonate. There are many reasons why we hit a point in our lives and just want MORE.

And as we would chat on the phone in our first session they would all tell me the same thing – they are seeing a therapist and making a little progress or getting nowhere. Some were seeing therapists for years.

They were also seeing a GP or Naturopath – with a little progress and/or getting nowhere. Sometimes for years.

Some had even tried some far out natural and alternative healing type sessions to try and find the answers they were seeking.

Most were trying diets and reconfiguring their schedules and just getting lost amongst all the ways they could try and help themselves.

But I’ll let you in on the secret of what was truly missing from the lives of these women and why we can go from stuck and broken to balance in record time - step by step.

Every one in the mental health industry in the early days laughed at me and told me my process was ridiculous. But it worked over and over and I’ll teach it to you here. Now I train the therapists who used to laugh at me. And they pay me money to do it.

There were 2 secret but simple recipes I followed.

  1. Holistic. This means heal the whole person all at once in record time. We look at all the moving parts of the car.

  2. I also used another secret recipe – Love. Love is the oil of life and healing. Something that is almost forbidden in therapy is vulnerable real love and support. And something I decided a long time ago to ignore as a coach.

Listen here as to why these 2 secret recipes transformed the lives of hundreds. And how you can use them too.

In this video I will cover:

My Holistic Journey With Every Client

  1. Start with the end in mind and get real about what the actual problem is – create a vision

  2. Balance the body first for energy clarity and focus using proven methods, no guesswork and exercise that balances both the body and mind

  3. Balance the mind with compassion, presence and fun

  4. Get into the souls desires and dreams and really connect with the self

  5. Plan to put a dream life into action and don’t play small

  6. Take effective action and go big

  7. Build a life on service and giving back

If you are ready to dive into your own 7 Days of Balance & Beyond journey I have a course for you here.

Love Heidi xxx

Today I’d love to hear about your own personal journey of healing the whole person. Where are you starting? What life areas need to be oiled with your own dose of self love? Drop your comments below.

Love Heidi x

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If you know you need to get on board with balancing more than one life area and you are done with putting it off for another day then you should check out the Balance Project for everyday real women like you connecting from all over the world to build a better version of themselves in record time.

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