Balance, Burnout & The Body

Let’s talk about why burnout really is the last place you want to be. And how you get there (and how to avoid it like the plague). You see I should know because Balance has been a lifelong work in progress for me. If you are like me and sometimes think you are superwoman and somehow fell into the belief that busy means progression – you may have also had a few life crashes. I’ve burnt out majorly twice in my 40 circles around the sun.

Here is why it sucks and what I learned:

  1. It takes a lot of money and time to recover. Every time you hit the deck doing basic everyday things seems impossible. When you can’t get up or work properly OR AT ALL you leach money. When your health suffers because of the stress (and it always does) you’ve been under, it costs money to fix it. And the whole picking yourself up off the floor takes A LOT of time. Time that could otherwise be spent creating the best possible version of you and your life.

  2. Losing Your Mind Is Not Fun. When you burn out your mind starts to falter. Your memory goes, you become impatient and short and life just starts to seem meh. Your to do list just seems overwhelming and even impossible. Anxiety is a close cousin of prolonged stress. And I’d rather cut off my left arm then have a panic attack ever again.

  3. Disconnecting From Life & Others Hurts. When it all gets too much it’s natural to start to pull away. We can try and hide our stress and what we are feeling or even feel shame for our inability to have full of control over our superwoman status. It can feel easier disconnect from others and life around you when you are super super tired. But it hurts. It hurts because all our joy comes from deep meaningful connection to life and others. And we miss it and crave it.

  4. We forget about what really matters. If we’ve fallen into the trap of progressing versus creating meaning we can lose sight of what really matters. In my last balance challenge of 102 women we discussed this openly and many women were teary and upset because they had lost touch with themselves, their souls desires and the true deeper meaning and direction for their lives in their plight for progressing. It’s like breaking your own heart when you lose touch with what really matters to you.

Now what if we were to avoid all of this?

What’s the one thing we could focus on first to bring more balance back into our lives?

Your body.

Or better - Food.

More specifically - Food for mood.

I’ve coached hundreds of people over thousands of hours – why is my success rate so high in relieving people from burn out and stress? I always work with the body first. Using food that comes from the earth.

If we aren’t willing to honour the vessel that carries us through life – we can never have the self respect, esteem and self worth that we want. And all good things in life are born out of that relationship we build with the body first.

Think about it – really without your body and health – what do you have left?

I recently invited the amazingly talented Suzi Le Fanue to chat to me about the simple things we can do to avoid burnout in this short video including the effect of stress and our addiction to busy on our body and health.

Watch the short version here:

Watch the long version here.

I find myself always needing to check in with my body (yep that beautiful little vessel that carries us everywhere) needs some TLC daily. Nourishing my body is an ongoing work in progress.

You may notice the same thing is true for you.

So here is what I would like to hear from you today…..

Leave a quick comment below (even if you are the first) sharing the ways in which you are or could give your body more TLC. If you’ve completely forgotten to nourish your body lately that’s ok too. I have a tonne of info in my blog to help you in that area.

If you know someone who is also struggling with being a superwoman and forgetting take good care of her body you can also tag or share this with them.

You can see the full interview with Suzi here on my blog.

Love Heidi x

P.S. For the next video in this balance series check your email.

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