Immediate Relief Kit for Anxiety & Panic

When we are dealing with the overwhelm of anxiety and stress daily - the first step is to get our symptoms under control. Before we work on the mind it's important to work on the body - you need immediate relief so you can have the energy, clarity and calm you want everyday.

I've facilitated more than 350 anxiety retreats - as my clients walk through the door - we immediately kick off with this kit to STOP the anxiety and panic so they can focus, calm, sleep and work on what is really driving the issues.

This kit is for you if:

  • You wake up feeling anxious and go to bed feeling anxious

  • You can't control the waves of anxiety throughout the day

  • You have physical symptoms like sweating hands, heart racing, nausea, heaviness and lethargy

  • You have trouble controlling the non stop thoughts, overthinking and fear for no reason

  • You can't sleep even though you are exhausted

  • You find it hard to get relief from the constant anxiety

  • You have lost your appetite for food and well... life

  • You can't function and are struggling to keep up with day to day life

  • You are avoiding people and situations because  you cannot deal with Any. More. Stress.

I developed this kit to give you your sanity back:

  1. THE NUMBER 1 HERB for anxiety, trialed and tested, that not only lowers your anxiety fast it also offers a wonderful feeling of calm

  2. EMERGENCY PANIC SPRAY - this stops panic in it's tracks and helps you calm on the spot

  3. SIP ALL DAY CALMING TEA -  to sip on throughout the day to bring permanent balance

  4. BODY & BATH BEST SLEEP OIL -  mix to absorb through the skin in a bath, foot soak or apply directly

  5. THE TOP 2 SUPPLEMENTS - Recommended supplements to support your endocrine and nervous system as well as increase serotonin and decrease adrenalin

Plus you will also get access to:


My plug and play audio to stop overthinking, self calm and get present.


My daily relaxation, breathing and hypnosis to help you get to sleep that works


Direct Links to Heidi's Recommended Immediate Relief Products With Fast Delivery At Discounted Prices


No.1 Fav Anti Anxiety Herb

Mouth Spray to Stop Anxiety & Panic

Oils & Sprays For Immediate Relief

All Day Calming Tea That Works

Must Have Supplements For Nervous System Support

Mind Calm Audio to Plug & Play to Release Fear & Calm The Mind

Deeply Relaxing Meditation Audio For Sleep

Gentle Yoga & Breathing Class For Release


  • Quick How To Guide - What to take and when. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Right tools in the right order matters

  • Discounted Product Links - Where to grab your items for fast delivery at discounted prices

  • PDF Guide - About each tool and why it works and how to use it daily

  • Audio - Immediately download your audio to plug and play

  • Video - Helpful How to Video Class + Yoga Class

5 For The Price Of  One

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Immediate Relief Kit

Immediate Relief Kit

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Frequently asked questions

Who Is Heidi Shannon

You can find out all about Heidi here: Heidi is a leading Mental Health Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, ACT Therapist, NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner and Wellness Coach. Heidi has dedicated the past 15 years to helping more than 1500 clients over 15k hours of face to face coaching and retreats to heal from anxiety and depression.

When Will I Receive My Kit?

Once purchased - check your email immediately. You will receive a PDF, Video How to Guide and links to access the audio tools. Inside your PDF you receive links to the recommended products. Follow the links for discounted prices and fast delivery.

What Can I Expect To Feel?

Every body and mind is different. Heidi has trialled these tools with thousands and all have relief within a few days. You will notice immediately a difference in getting your symptoms under control - but you must put the tools into action for them to work.

Is It Safe?

Heidi has used these exact herbs and tools with thousands and none have experienced negative side effects. However Heidi is not privy to your own personal health issues, medication and substances that go into your body each day. Do your own research on each product and consult a natural health doctor for advice if you have any concerns.

What are the products?

Heidi offers you her proven trialled and tested list of exactly what products to take when, how they work, why they work, what's going on in your body and what they do. Heidi has a team of nutritionists, naturopaths, herbalists and biochemists she works with and this is her 'magic natural mix' of her trialled and tested products. Inside you will get to know why each product is important and when to take it. You are given discounted links to buy the products online at a minimal cost.