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Having the relationships, life, health and business we want... it starts with the internal relationship we have with ourselves.


My mission is to support you on your journey in all aspects of your life. I teach how to show up for yourself  (and be yourself without fear) and recognise you are the greatest asset in your life. I show you how to discover your hidden skills and dreams, I walk you through step by step removing roadblocks in the way of creating a life worth living from the inside out.

I see in you, your relationships and your business what others fail to. I have a gift for pin pointing the real cause of what is holding you back and a powerful tool kit to help you reach your personal and professional goals in life.


With me by your side I show you how to build the love and respect for your body that is needed to have the energy and clarity you are seeking. We create the peace internally with your mind and the skills you already have to really live your life your way. Wholeheartedly.


True self worth and care coupled with emotional intelligence and courage is our only choice if we dare to live the life we've always dreamed of. It means transforming old stories and replacing them with kind hearted words and rivers of self compassion. Fear becomes a distant memory and is replaced with gratitude and intention. Our commitment to ourselves soars when we nail our inner hearts desires and dare to run with them. And this commitment and self understanding shows up in everything that we do.

If all you've been doing is doing, it's time to recreate your reality from the inside out. 

I provide a safe and empowering space to grow, heal, transform and connect. Together we'll go deep, go big and serve your life in ways you never thought possible.

My Story

In my 20's I hit rock bottom.

I learned alot about Balance the hard way.

I began a journey of life altering changes for the better and that crash turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. 

I found out:

That disrespecting your body is a very costly mistake. I learned that food and nutrition affects everything. Including your mental health.

I found that stress is not my friend and neither was living by other people's standards being a perfectionist or a people pleaser. And so I learned the art of taming my mind & I eradicate stress in its tracks. That means all choices are made to remove it from my life. Period. By saying no to stress I realised it gave me a beautiful gift - being the director of your own life and designing it just how you want to.

I also choose not to be friends with fear and doubt. As I've never found them to be very helpful.

I instead found that trust, intention, faith and action are my allies.


I found the love of my life in the ancient art and science of Yoga and it taught me the art of self care, self respect, inner calm & peace. And without it (meditation, mindfulness, movement, breath, surrender) I'm a nasty piece of work. Without some form of surrender and letting go we become hard. And we lose ourselves.


I learned that everything means nothing if you can't connect deeply to everyone and everything around you. No matter how successful your business is - human connection is everything. Your partners, your children, your loved ones. Nature. Life. If you don't have time to really connect, you'll lose your softness. Your happiness will fade. You'll feel like life is passing you by with no meaning. I learned that above all else - connection to others and the beauty of life is paramount to a happy life.

I learned that if I don't honour myself and take time for myself I cannot serve others in a powerful way. So beyond the special needs child, many many clients, multiple businesses.... I developed a system to make the time for me. And I'll teach you every part of that system.


I learned that your circle of influence is everything and that my circle are my saviour. That we all need a network of support. We need to laugh, let go and be with like minded inspiring individuals who get us and inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.

I learned that life's lemons can in fact be the best thing that ever happened to you. As long as you own your stuff and are willing to get gritty with it. This requires relinquishing control and being vulnerable. Both things some of us don't like (myself included). So we'll learn to get better at that.


I learned that MASSIVE positive change and digging deep into a life with purpose is created through you and only you.

 I found tools. I developed tools. And I use them every damn day.

And so will you.

In the last few decades since that first formidable face plant - my crash - I've sucked up every piece of information I can about self care, self worth, health, happiness, inner healing, relationships, empowerment, building stellar businesses and purpose. 

I've kicked off more businesses than I can count from scratch, made lots of money, lost lots of money, been ripped off and taken advantage of, been inspired by some seriously profound and extraordinary folk, lived all over the world, had a baby, mothered a special needs child and nursed my own heart ache that comes with that journey, renovated houses, tackled the long hard slog of working intensively in mental health on the front line and parenting at the same time, lost myself a few times, reinvented myself many times, fell down over and over, got straight back up over and over, laughed a lot, cried alot but never ever lost my love of life, people and this world we live in.

Through all of this I've spent more than 10 000 hours digging deep into the minds, hearts and lives of every wonderful amazing beautiful client I've ever worked with. Over 350 retreats I've breathed hundreds of people through their discomfort, bought them back to life and watched them create miraculous lives for themselves using my tools with the support of over 50 health professionals I've worked alongside and learned as much as I can from all of them.

I've had the pleasure of helping others build a beautiful relationship with themselves and others (and live in purpose through their business and work life).


I'm immensely grateful for this journey of life that I live freely cultivating each new step at will.


I've helped hundreds of people create that same MASSIVE positive change in their lives.

And so can you.

Let's recreate your life x


Business Owner
Business Team



You might know me as the Balance Coach. 

And you might be thinking I have some kind of super chilled healthy and balanced life. It's true most days I do! Balance is a journey and a practice. It is also THE KEY to life. Although my days are mostly balanced -  I am also a busy bee as a mother to my special needs angel Winta who takes the energy of 10 children, entrepreneur and transformational coach.

I wish I could tell you that the journey towards Balance, Freedom, Calm & A Life I Love was an easy one. But it was not always the case!

In the early days, I had more burnouts and crashes than I would like to count. I've certainly learned a heck of a lot along the way about how to nourish my body, keep my mind in check, self calm & take time for me as well as living a life of purpose serving YOU and helping you have the relationship with yourself and others that you love.


Fast forward to today and I've coached for over 10 000 hours, facilitated more than 350 wellness retreats and have been lucky enough to sculpt hugely successful businesses and a life I love through quite a few foot stamps and adult tantrums - but boy is it worth the journey!

I used to live a life of self betrayal and denial. I denied my own skills, punished myself and broke myself to succeed. And then I learned the keys and tools from the world greats to dramatically turn my life around - and I've never looked back.

I help you realise your inner power, find pockets of uniqueness inside you, build a body you will love, ignite your mind with passion and create a vision for your life and business that you will take serious action on creating a life truly worth living.

But best of all - I make the journey fun. I am real. I am down to earth. I am compassionate and humorous. I understand the minds, bodies and lives of busy people more than anyone. I've flown high and been at rock bottom and I teach you real tools to meet you wherever you are at on that scale. I have a knack for seeing what others don't in you (including yourself) and pulling to the surface your greatness. I help you create a life you love.

Read Heidi's story here >>>Read Heidi's Client Stories here >>>




Joel Brown - CREATOR

Addicted To Success

Heidi has the kind of infectious energy as a coach and business development manager that is rarely seen in the industry. I've built a brand with millions of followers yet needed to focus on the structure and backend of my business. I've coached alongside Heidi on various programs as well as having her support in my own brands and course development. 

She works fast, thorough and to the point to get results utilising what you have in time and resources as well as helping you personally stay on track, in your genius and in your own lane.

Heidi helped myself and my business partner build 2 successful online programs and bring the best out in both of us on and off camera. She also helped me see what was missing in leveraging my own brand and audience and step me back into flow. 

Addicted to Success

Joel Brown

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When we first worked with Heidi our Bali business after many years had hit a stalling point with competitors taking over and we were losing our passion for our business. Within weeks of Heidi working her magic with our online presence we were swamped with business and back in the game.

We re structured our team based on her advice, branched into markets we didn't know existed and have been able to expand the business and stores enabling us to have more free time and to focus on what we do best.

Our biggest issue now is how to slow down our enquiries!

One Love Fashion Productions

Gina Palmer

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Marnie Lee - Director

Temple Massage

I had the pleasure of working as a counsellor with Heidi's retreats for a decade and watching her work pure magic with 1000's of clients and single handedly changing the face of mental health treatment in Australia.

She is a tenacious, passionate and caring coach, personal motivator and business woman extraordinaire. 

I've since had the pleasure of having Heidi's golden assistance in building my own wellness business. From the website to business structure to advertising to helping me stay sane - she is a god send. I'm happy to report that business has gone from a stand still to booming in a matter of months. Heidi pushes you to step out of the day to day operations and considering the greatest version of yourself and life. I believe we need more coaches like her on the planet!

Temple Wellness & Massage

Marnie Lee

amy bunn meditation.jpeg



I first met Heidi at her retreat in 2015. I needed a new life direction.

Heidi taught me to build a connection with myself and stoked my confidence. She set my passions on fire and helped me construct a business out of my passions and purpose.

Fast forward to now and with her continued support I have finally created my own meditation teaching business. 

Her humour, realness and down to earth approach is a constant reminder as my coach to chase my dream... and thanks to her it is now a reality.

Amy Bunn Meditation

Amy Bunn


Emile Steenveld

Personal Brand

I've worked with Heidi as a coach for over 5 years and have always been stunned at her ability to get results in short time periods.

She just gets people and sees what others don't. In business she is flawless. Her foresight, ability to structure and refine as well as reflect to the masses who you really are is quite amazing.

She has helped me develop multiple programs including my own personal brand to be what it is now.

Put simply - Heidi brings out the best in people, driving them to become their best whilst offering a down to earth support system that I is much needed in business and life.

As a coach and BDM - she smashes it with her knowledge and years of experience. Grateful to have worked with her and will continue to do so.

Emotional Intelligence Coach

Emile Steenveld

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I had the pleasure of being coached by Heidi on the Limitless Leaders coaching program with Joel Brown and Emile Steenveld .... and WOW.

Heidi has an innate ability to be up front, full of knowledge, warm, supportive and down to earth at the same time.

Heidi has eyes that look straight into the core issue of what is holding you back and an ability to help you see your own potential fast. She has inspired me to become the coach I want to be and helped me see a vision for myself and my brand that I never thought possible.

Corporate Coach

Christopher Murphy

Ways I Can Help You

Power Up Your Energy

Physical Health ~ Daily Habits ~ Nutrition ~ Self Care ~ Exercise 

Fuelling the body to have the health, clarity, energy, focus, sleep and life we want. Without this nothing else is possible.

Craft Your Vision

Live With Purpose

Skills ~ Values ~ Passion ~ Purpose ~ Opportunities ~ Resourcefulness ~ Vision

Defining your skills, purpose, passion, core values, vision & WHY you do what you do in life, relationships and business. Become the best you can be as you step into the greatest version of yourself.

Emotional Intelligence & Awareness

~ Emotional Awareness ~ Emotional Intelligence ~ Stress Management ~ Inner Calm 

Removing inner roadblocks to create the self calm, mental strength & emotional calm we desire.

Accelerate Your 


Accelerate Your Business Vision & Mission ~ Managing You & Your Team ~ Scale With Ease ~ Industry Leadership

Creating the ultimate business, teams, relationships and leaders in business by accelerating the whole person to greatness. Motivate you, your team and leaders to achieve greatness.

Deep Connection To Self & Others

Communication ~ Understanding ~ Intimate Relationships ~ Connection ~ Confidence

Losing fear, crafting your identity & creating stellar personal and professional relationships & step into your power.

Accelerate Your


~ Harmony ~ Living The Ultimate Life ~ Going Big ~ Serving Big

Creating the ultimate vision for your life and running with it for the long term. Craft a dream vision and take action on it.

I'll keep you accountable day in and day out.









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