A Transformational Program for Curing Depression Naturally Fast.

Most clients come to me having tried everything and still having no answers. I combine powerful therapy, get you immediate relief and help you cure depression for good.

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This Holistic Personalised Process to cure your depression is developed over 10 years at my retreat where I have spent more than 10 000 hours working one on one supporting clients in healing depression using a natural treatment program that is EMPOWERING since 2009.

Are you tired of?

  • Constantly worrying and not knowing how to get on top of the lows?

  • Trying to hide the overwhelm you feel on a daily basis?

  • Not knowing how to explain to others what is going on because no one seems to understand?

  • Not understanding what the real cause of your depression really is?

  • Not being able to control the non stop thoughts?

  • Not knowing how to deal with the rise of panic and the emotional storms that get on top of you?

  • Not knowing tools to help you internally when you need them most?

  • Not being able to focus or function each day?

  • Feeling tired and exhausted and lacking the energy and clarity needed to get things moving?

  • Never being able to get the right habits and tools into place to support yourself?

  • Rehashing your story and still having no answers?

  • Trying different therapies and getting nowhere?

  • Feeling exhausted and wondering when your zest for life will come back?

  • Feeling as though no one understands what you are thinking and feeling on a daily basis?

  • Believing falsely that finding balance takes months or even years?

  • Using uppers and downers to keep yourself going?

  • Feeling just plain over it and disempowered instead of EMPOWERED?


I have been where you are. I get it.


I see what others don't.

You will get immediate access to:

  • Answers. In 30 minutes I'll pinpoint what the cause of your depression is

  • Immediate Natural Relief. I'll give you the exact relief kit right for you to get your symptoms under control so you get the focus, calm, energy and mood balance and sleep you want

  • Mind tools. How to deal with overthinking, unhelpful thoughts and thoughts of panic and worry on the spot with tools that work 

  • Emotional Wellbeing. Emotional support and techniques to help you build a compassionate relationship with yourself

  • Purpose. We focus on a clear lifestyle, life direction plan with goals to get you back into loving life again

Get started here by seeing what is driving your depression.

Heidi Shannon | Help For Depression | Depression Therapy Online

Therapy That Works

Natural Immediate Relief 

Online Tools & Program

Heal In 30 Days Fast

This Depression Healing Program Is For You If...

For those who want support and to not feel alone.


For those who know they can heal and believe there is a way and are willing to take action.


For those who want to live a life free of depression for good.


For those who want to truly empower themselves and build a relationship with themselves that is kind and loving.


Maybe you are interested in exploring ‘another way’ that is beyond what the general mental health system and google offers you.


If so … this is for you.


In this program - with my full 1:1 support you will:


Find what is causing your depression: Know more wondering what is going on and where this is coming from. Mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically you will know what needs to be changed and how. And fast. 


Get your Stress Down Fast: Before depression was anxiety and stress. No matter the type of stress we eliminate it (physical imbalances, mental and emotional imbalances)… and you’ll straight away start to feel and see the changes with my immediate relief kit and new lifestyle plan that has you living into a life of balance led by your heart.


Get the Mind Tools You Need: Those racing thoughts, fear, worry and overwhelm is now drastically reduced when you learn how to tame the mind, get present and start becoming the person you truly are - not who you think you are.


Drastically Reduce Emotional Storms: Using the art of mindfulness, breathing, yoga and my unique coaching methods you will become the calmest person you know fully able to release the past and feel empowered to embrace the future.


Radically Increase your Energy and Health: Using my protocol specially created for depression to heal the gut and energise the body PLUS get access to my top herbal remedies for ongoing balance and relief that are must haves for your daily routine.


Create A Life You Love: You’ll learn that the healing you seek is in the doing of a life you love, which you design because I’m giving you permission to and it will involve how to find your own unique purpose and create a life vision to live by no matter what.


Build Beautiful Relationships: You’ll learn how to create and attract the relationships you want in your life and heal from those that hurt you. As you forgive and reconnect you’ll learn how to create a powerful circle of influence and support around you with those you love.


Plus lots more.



Get immediate tools to action to stop and prevent depression.



Learn how to disentangle from fear and worry and self calm in minutes.



When you heal the issue at the source it doesn't return. 



Get support using a proven process that works from someone who fully understands.

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Heidi Shannon | Australia's Top Depression Therapist



Adv Dip Natural Medicine | Certified Life Coach | Certified ACT Therapist | 750 Hr Qualified Senior Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness Teacher | Dip Hypnotherapy and NLP

Heidi became a coach after suffering severe anxiety and agoraphobia followed by a big physical health crash in her early years. She felt that the mental health system failed her and spent 2 decades personally trialling everything possible - until she perfected a system that works.


Heidi Shannon is a leading expert in the field of deep coaching, transformational therapy in mental health, mindfulness, and yoga. She has grown multiple successful businesses as a successful entrepreneur in the wellness industry. She offers a carefully created set of practical tools to promote outstanding health, mental and emotional well-being, and living a life of purpose.

Heidi has empowered the masses to create a life worth living and move past what holds them back - living authentically in the present in their own power.

Through her retreats, unique coaching methods, and corporate programs she has helped countless people connect with their soul, transform their bodies, empower their minds, and fall in love with themselves.

Heidi inspires you to serve on purpose and shine your genius - no matter your starting  point.

Throughout her career, Heidi has facilitated over 350 mental health retreats and worked personally with her clients over 10 000 hours face to face.

Heidi has taken her passion for human potential and created Alive Wellness Retreats - a world first & the most successful holistic mental health retreat, The Alive Process - A Holistic Program For Mental Health, The Purpose Project - Build A Business The Profits From Your Purpose, Human Potential Unlimited - a high performance model for the elite at the top of their game and  ILLUMINATE - an online holistic coaching and wellness platform to empower the masses.

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How Does It Work?

Know The Cause

I see what others don't. I look at every angle. We find the root cause mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically. And we create a permanent plan to heal. We start with the end in mind and now you have clear answers that give you relief.

Heal the Mind

~ Emotional Awareness ~ Emotional Intelligence ~ Stress Management ~ Inner Calm 

Removing inner roadblocks to create the self calm, mental strength & emotional calm we desire. Learn how to transform your self talk, worry, ocd and more.

Get Immediate Relief

We remove what's driving the fear and overwhelm and we put in place immediate tools, daily life plan, support, natural anxiety remedies and stress relief hacks to get you the immediate relief you need so you can access the calm, sleep and energy you want.

Craft Your Vision

Live With Purpose

Skills ~ Values ~ Passion ~ Purpose ~ Opportunities ~ Resourcefulness ~ Vision

Defining your skills, purpose, passion, core values, vision & WHY you do what you do in life, relationships and business. Become the best you can be as you step into the greatest version of yourself.

Heal the Body

To have the sleep, energy, clarity and focus back we must transform the body. With my Alive Gut Health Cleanse, natural remedies and yoga therapy we build a strong body to support the mind and you will feel the difference.

Heal The Emotions

Communication ~ Understanding ~ Intimate Relationships ~ Connection ~ Confidence

Losing fear, crafting your identity & creating stellar personal and professional relationships & step into your power.



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Take my stress and life test to see what the cause is + book in a for a free chat with me



Let me share a story I think you might resonate with...


One day leaving work I had a massive panic attack. I thought I was having a heart attack and that I was going to die. I was alone, confused and the weeks that followed were unbearable as depression kicked in. I simply couldn't get up. I couldn't leave the house out of fear. I had completely lost myself.


What I didn't realise at the time - that day - was the best day of my life. I woke up.

I had been abusing my body, battering myself with harsh self talk, pushing and pushing myself to succeed and be accepted, pleasing others constantly and I had lost who I really was by living way outside what truly mattered to me.

I had buried trauma I never wanted to look at and what I didn't realise then but know now - that breakdown was always going to happen at some point.


I tried everything to heal until I formulated a recipe that works over the last decade and have road tested it on more than 1500 amazing people just like you.

Clients with anxiety and depression, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks and severe stress come to me for different reasons. Maybe long term stress has finally caught up. Maybe a health issue or a 'reality slap' you didn't see coming caught you off guard. Maybe there is a relationship breakdown or a lack of purpose?

My gift is getting to the core reason of what is driving your depression - I tend to uncover what others miss or have failed to explore

Most of my clients have tried everything else and are seeking tools, non judgement, love and support all in one place.

I don't do bandaids and long winded therapy. We get to work quickly because you need immediate relief. 

I had severe anxiety and depression in my early years that crippled me so I fully understand how you feel.

There are 12 areas of therapy and tools that I give you - so you become your own coach in every area of your life and never look back.

Most of my clients have never been taught how to deal with their mind, past or emotions and are out of alignment with meaning, fulfilment and richness. 

Regardless of what is happening I have options for you - private coaching, online programs for self study or working privately with my full team in person.

All you have to do is take the first step and book a quick free chat to see how you feel about what I do. I'll give you answers and relief ASAP and give you an empowered pathway forward to heal for good.



Learn to rule your mind so it no longer rules you & become your own best friend.



Transform each key area of life with real tools not just talk.



When you heal the issue at the source it doesn't return. 



Become the person you were born to be and live a life you love.

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