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Welcome to the Alive Online Program and Therapists Referrals.

What's Included In The Program:

  • The Alive Program is a holistic online program for curing anxiety and depression naturally offering 8 modules covering Self Awareness, Stress, Diet and Gut Health, Yoga Meditation and Mindfulness, Purpose and Vision work

  • Based on the proven Alive Process developed at Heidi's Alive Wellness Retreat that offered our clients spectacular results the online program covers the same process

  • Offers a supportive community, live Q & A calls, full online program and all tools and referrals to our recommended therapists

You Are Invited To Be A Recommended Therapist

How It Works

  • We require your pricing and package inclusions

  • An alive booking manager will assess and book the client in with the right therapist

  • We take payment and pay you (we add 15% to your packages as our booking fee) each month

  • You handle the client - we hold no responsibility or management over the client once they are with you; we recommend the client signs your own client agreement directly with you

  • You will select times and dates to work with the client and deal with them directly

  • We will ask you to speak live inside the Alive community once every 8-12 weeks as a way of promoting yourself to the community on a specific subject that relates to the Alive program in your area of skill or genius

  • 1 Pre Recorded Call with Heidi and you is added to the Alive program

  • If a client finds you through Alive and comes directly to you - you refer them back to our booking page for assessment and booking

  • We will log you into the program and add you to the community so you have access to the process and how it works

Simply complete the form below to begin receiving clients from Alive and watch the video to see how it works - it's super simple!

Also some further info to check it all out is here:

Alive Therapists Referral - How it Works
Alive Therapist Sign Up


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