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A Powerful Training Over 16 Weeks


For Therapists, Coaches and Change Makers

Empower Yourself & Your Clients Using Heidi's Proven Alive Process

Join The Proven 'alive' Process Training Program

I'll give you my undivided attention to transform your own life AND learn the powerful steps of my full process over 16 genuine life changing weeks.

Ready to revolutionise your own life, health and personal happiness?? Ready to help your clients make radical change in record time?

Want to cut to the chase - upskill and become the change maker you want to be -  and help your clients get real about permanent change in all life areas?

Great. Then let's get started.

This course offers you an intensive process incorporating holistic tools to rejuvenate all life areas:

Holistic Wellness Assessments To Heal the Whole Person

Powerful Guidelines For Coaching For Results

Healthy Eating & Wellness Coaching Processes

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT + Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

Teaching Mindfulness & Meditation

Understanding The Power Of The Full Yogic System & Philosophies

Valued Living Through Nailing Skills, Purpose, Passion & Service

Revamping Relationships With Potent Communication & Agreements

Tools For Accessing Self Trust, Faith & Flow

Taking Action & Going Big

This life & wellness coach training is for:

  • Anyone who is currently working in the wellness industry or is a personal change maker empowering individuals OR anyone who wants to do an intensive Personal Development Program

  • Anyone who works closely with others looking for a new toolkit....Coaches, therapists, counsellors, psychologists, HR Managers, GP's, yoga teachers, naturopaths, nutritionists, personal trainers, social workers, business coaches, consultants, wellness bloggers and more

  • Professionals wanting to seriously upskill, refill their bag of tools and use a powerful holistic process

  • Professionals who are stuck or bored in their role and want a proven process to follow that works as well as ignite their own sense of passion and purpose

  • Professionals who want to feel and see the effects of change on themselves first

  • Professionals who are seeking experiential tools to offer their clients and know the benefits of those tools inside out

  • Professionals who are wanting to offer their clients courses and material to follow and make money doing it

  • Professionals who are passionate about working holistically using tools for body, mind, spirit to heal and rejuvenate the whole person

  • Professionals who want to fully understand and integrate the tools into their own life rather than just telling clients about them - be ready to walk your talk!

  • Professionals who want to interact and learn from other profound pro's in the industry

The Alive Process - developed over 10 years at my retreat we nail every life area and create real change weekly. It's liking working with 6 different professionals in all areas of health & happiness all at once. And clients tell me they get more out of 1 session using my process compared to years of therapy and multiple modalities. I'd like you to have that same profound effect on others and watch your results explode.

I'm a believer in healing the whole person & transforming each life area in the right order and committing 100% to the journey of your client from start to finish brings the most amount of change that becomes permanent. I am not a believer in guesswork - you'll get the proof behind every tool and why they work. You'll learn to never leave a stone unturned and see your clients journey through.


You'll be apart of the amazing change they will build in their lives with your help. It's this approach that saw my retreat program hold a long running 100% success rate for total life overhaul for those that committed to the process. Because the process works if your client works it. It was refined and refined until it worked 100% of the time for anyone who was willing.

I offer very limited places every 6 months for this training. Apply Now.

You will get coached AND do a powerful course for self development & the personal development of your clients in 16 weeks - all online.

Results Guaranteed. Commit and be ready.


My Next Coaching Program Begins

February 11  ~  2019


Heidi's 'alive Process' 12 Week Program Re Opening Soon

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You Will Learn To:

  1. Motivate your client to create serious life change on every level regardless of their starting point.

  2. Give your client the support and courage to be determined to live a better life in every way and become a solutions based thinker.

  3. Create radical change in health and wellbeing by transforming their relationship to food.

  4. Live a total system for wellbeing from the inside out ( and not just read about or think about it). You'll teach them how to use the tools for real and feel and see the benefits.

  5. Follow a step by step paced process to live their life by, based on balance,  that is realistic for them.

  6. You will learn how to be a powerful mentor and change maker, who is confident using a holistic tool kit to guide your client towards making excellent life and health choices.

  7. Teach your client to live wholeheartedly by their own value system that you will help them create.

  8. Teach your client the art and tools of real presence, calm and balance a create a way for those tools to become apart of everyday life.

  9. Teach your client that they are worthy and the art of self compassion.

  10. Help your client create a life direction map and plan with tools and a time frame to pull it off.

  11. Teach your client fast & effective ways for how to deal with and transform their relationship to stress & self limiting behaviors.

  12. Help your client build stellar relationships and to feel deeply connected to all around them and all that they love.

  13. Drive your client to seriously tap into their own potential and take action on it.

  14. Inspire your client to serve in a big way and be willing to go DEEP!

What Is Heidi's 'alive' Process???

A Process Proven Over & Over For a Decade That Works

A Process Built On Blood Sweat and Many Tears Foot Stamps & Tantrums - Mine & Clients!

A Process Built Off My Own Crappy Health & Life Experience AND Profound Professional Experience Over 20 Years For Creating An Outstanding Life Of Health, Happiness &  Freedom

A Process Built On Over 10000 Hours Of Listening To Those In Need & What They Need As A Coach

A Process Built On The Skill Of Working With Over 50 Wellness Professionals At The Top Of Their Fields & Utilising What Works & What Doesn't

A Process Built On The Hand Plucking Research, Knowledge & Expertise of The World's Top Health Happiness & Wellness Professionals With PROVEN TESTED & TRIALLED Experience

A Process That Has Seen Hundreds of Personal Clients Radically Perform Miracles In Their Lives

A Process The Incorporates Genuine Coaching Tools, Health Science, Happiness Know How & Practical Motivational Tools Into One System

A Process That Genuinely Acknowledges The Whole System - Body, Mind & Spirit

A Process That Is FUN! Supportive. Inspirational. Intimate. Profound.

A Process That Is Personalised To Every Person.

A Process You Will Love.

Let's Play >>>

The Alive Process Journey

Start With The End In Mind
Thorough Wellness Assessment + New Life Vision + Bond
Define The Real Problem
Get Real On What The Real Problem Is + Shifting Perceptions
Immediate Relief
Lifestyle Changes For Immediate Relief + New Life Schedule of Balance
Physical Reboot
A Personalised Permanent Health Plan + Physical Clarity & Energy
Inner Work
Transformation of Self Perceptions and Limitations + Bringing Skills To Life
Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Coach
Defusing Stories & Emotion + Mindfulness + Presence & Clarity
A Meaningful Life
Valued Living + Purpose + Passion
Intimate Connection
Communication Tools and Agreements To Bring Happiness With Others
Be Who You Want To Be
Action On Purpose, Passion, Vision & More Of Everything They Want
Show More

How To Be Best Coach You Can Be

& Attract The Clients You Want

I learned a valuable lesson in the my early years of coaching.

That it's ok to be picky about who you work with.

Apart of this training is not just learning the tools - but building yourself a life and career that you love.

And valuing the profound effects of coaching on someone's life as a very special gift.

It's why I only work with Stars. And I'll teach you how to attract stars as your client and remain passionate and committed to your career as a coach.


Why only work with *Stars*

And Why You Should Too...

I'm not being arrogant or choosy. I've simply learned over the last 10 years to put my time and 100% of my energy into a select few *STARS*.

You see I'm a black and white kind of gal. I'm either 100% in or out with what I do.

I'll teach you in this training how to commit 100% without losing yourself and your sanity. You'll learn to master the art of balance for you and your client.

I'll teach you how to hand pick the right clients - those that are willing, committed & ready to seriously revolutionise their lives on every level - regardless of how stuck or broken they seem to be.

You'll help them move mountains in their lives in record time. But you'll remain 100% committed to your own personal revolution and balance.

I'll teach you how to do the following and expect the same from your client:

1. Go Big - - - You and your client must be willing to go BIG with what you do together. 

2. Give Back - - -  Be willing to give back and serve yourself, your life and humanity in some way and inspire your client to do the same.

3. Be Highly Functioning - - - This means you and your client must be able to fully put into action you plan and not create excuses as to why things can't happen.

4. Committed - - - Be fully committed to showing up on time, doing the inner work and the education.

5. Take Action - - - Really do something outstanding, large or small, with your time together.


I'll teach you how to avoid coaching burnout &

love what you do with high energy...

I learned a valuable lesson as a coach that nearly broke me....

I have witnessed hundreds of clients in the past 10 years and busted myself to coach them to greatness. This sometimes came at the expense of my own health & sanity & own family commitments & time & sleep loss etc.

Any personal coach will tell you the same - we've all been there.

But I kept telling myself that busting myself for others was worth it. 

It was to ensure ALL of them get to where I believe potentially they can be - BUT I DIDN'T REALISE THAT NOT ALL OF THEM HAD THE SAME GOAL OF GREATNESS I DID FOR THEIR LIVES.


In fact it killed my relationship and my business.

I'd like to show you how to be an effective coach without losing yourself.


Boundaries with your clients is an art. I'll shortcut that process for you and teach you how to coach without breaking yourself.


You Will Learn To...

Put your own health and happiness first before a clients always

Have the tools from this course firmly embedded into your life and being before coaching others and keep them there always

Learn the difference between sympathy and empathy - handing over the shovel vs doing the digging for them

Work in longer powerful more effective blocks rather than trying to help the masses in short flat sessions

Have a great team around you of people to refer to - lose the need to be the jack of all trades

Have a mentor and guide to keep tabs on you and someone to talk to

Know 100% that you are never responsible for the journey of happiness of another - they are

Know that the choice to change always lies with the client


*** PSST....

There are a whole lot of coaching fundamentals I'll share with you in our 1st few weeks of this program that will add to and top the above! These mindset tools will completely CHANGE the way you do life and coaching from herein. 

Heidi's 'alive Process' 16 Week Program Re Opening Soon

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So What's In The Course?

Course Training Weekly Videos

Life Access

Course Workbook & Templates

Private Facebook

Coaching Group & Live Updates

Coaching Practice - Coach & Be Coached

16 Weeks

Your alive Process Training

Week 1

Introduction To  Healing The Whole Person

You will learn:

  • Every element of the whole person

  • How each element affects the others - the butterfly effect on the body

  • 4 Videos | Workbook | Video Share | 2 Hours + Study


Week 2

Start With The End in Mind

  • Creating A Foundation To Flourish From

  • How To Build The Clients Journey From Start To Finish In The Right Order

  • 2 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching | 2 Hours + Study


Week 3

Basic Rules For Powerful Coaching

  • A Foundation To Which To Coach From Using 12 Must Have Guidelines

  • Avoiding Burn Out & Creating Healthy Coaching Boundaries

  • 4 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching| 2 Hours + Study

Week 4

Know The Profound Benefits of Coaching

  • Coaching Vs Therapy

  • Tools Not Talk | Action Vs Prolonged Approaches To Personal Development

  • 2 Videos | Workbook | Video Share | 2 Hours + Study

Week 5

Wellness Assessment Overview

  • Using My Wellness Assessment Template For Getting A Birds Eye View Of The Whole Person

  • 12 Questions To Ask Your Client Before You Work With The

  • Pinpointing Their Real Issues With Accuracy & Reading Between The Lines

  • Making Connections Between Each Life Area To Form A Holistic Road Map For Transformation

  • 4 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching | 4 Hours + Study

Week 6

First Things First

  • How to craft a holistic vision for their success - re schedule their life

  • Getting clear on wants and don't wants (cleaning up the PCCC's)

  • Small immediate effective goals = small wins and movement

  • Mindset Adjustments For A Winning Attitude

  • 4 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching | 4 Hours Study 

Week 7

Revamping Health

  • Understanding the Effect of Food on Mood

  • The Mind Body Connection

  • Cellular Health

  • No Guesswork - Working In A Team

  • Detox Guide and Healthy Eating Plan Templates

  • 2 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching | 4 Hours Study 

Week 8

Inner Work

  • ACT Therapy Steps 1 - 3

  • Nailing Unhelpful Stories & Defusing Powerful Emotions

  • Why the Mind Is Like A Puppy

  • The Art Of Breathwork | Breathing Exercise To Use

  • 1 Day of Mindfulness Challenge

  • 5 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching | 6 Hours of Study 

Week 9

Meditation & Knowing The Self

  • 5 Parts of the Human Mind

  • The Observant Mind - What is it and how to access it

  • Teaching Beginners Meditation | Meditation Practices To Use

  • Cherry Picking From A Place Of Presence

  • 3 Videos | Workbook | Video Share | 4 Hours Study 

Week 10

The Full Yoga System

  • 8 Limbs of the Full Yogic System

  • Yogic Philosophies As The Perfect Foundation For Coaching

  • Yoga Classes & Practices To Use

  • 2 Videos | Workbook | Video Share | 2 Hours Study

Week 11

Valued Meaningful Living

  • ACT Therapy Steps 4 - 6

  • Defining A Valued System To Live By

  • Developing A New Vision Of A Balanced Life - Bulls Eye

  • 3 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching | 4 Hours Study

Week 12

Purpose Passion Joy & Service

  • The Japanese Method For Passion, Purpose, Joy & Serving Ones Life

  • Playing Small or Going Big - Decisions On Breaking Through Personal Fears

  • Using What We Already Have Available To Us - Running With It

  • 3 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching | 4 Hours Study

Week 13

Self Worth and Trust

  • Am I Worthy? The Basic Human Rights Of All Beings

  • Faith In Something Greater - What Are We All Apart Of?

  • The Power of Self Talk, Intention Setting and Affirmations For Trust

  • The Magic of The Universal Energy

  • 4 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching | 4 Hours Study

Week 14

Creating A Dream Life

  • What's the $ Value Of My Dream Life?

  • The Cost Of Playing Small Vs Going Big

  • 2 x Life Schedules

  • 3 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching | 4 Hours Study

Week 15

Interconnection To Others

  • Communication Fears and Roadblocks

  • Effective Listening to Understand

  • The Road To Intimacy, Understanding and Connection

  • The Power of The Four Agreements

  • 4 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching | 4 Hours Study

Week 16

Taking Effective Action

  • Short & Long Term Planning

  • Turning Dreams Into Reality With Courage

  • 2 Videos | Workbook | Video Coaching | 3 Hours Study

2 x Bonus Courses

  • Nailing Your Coaching Niche In A Nutshell

  • Define Your Coaching Business Platform

Industry Praise

Suzi Le Fanue

Naturopathic Doctor, Biomedicine, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist

You fill in all the missing links for what every person needs to live a happy and full life and the way in which you deliver it is so needed in this world. Your service to humanity is admirable.

Emile Steenveld

Life Coach & Creator Of Conscious Tease & Elevate Events

Thanks for inspiring me to be a better coach. What you do works hands down. I'm stunned at how awesome your refreshing and passionate approach to the wellbeing of others is. 

Natasha Patten

Senior Yoga & Mindfulness Coach, Bsc Psychology & Neuroscience

Holy crap you are a genious! This process really works! It's unbelievable seeing the changes before your eyes with clients who were really struggling

to now seeing the effects of your tools a few days in. Wow. 

Gosia Kuszewski

Food Matters Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

I've just finished watching your video workshop for therapists on the gut brain connection & nutrition. OMG! Your passion and knowledge got me so excited I wanted to share it with everyone I know. 

What You Get From Your 'alive' Process?



Heidi Shannon is a leading expert in the field of coaching, transformational work, mindfulness, and yoga. She has grown multiple successful businesses as a successful entrepreneur in the wellness industry. She offers a carefully created set of practical tools to promote outstanding health, mental and emotional well-being, and living a life of purpose.

Through her retreats, unique coaching methods, and programs she has helped countless people connect with their soul, transform their bodies, empower their minds, and fall in love with themselves.

Throughout her career, Heidi has facilitated over 300 wellness retreats and worked personally with her clients over 10 000 hours face to face.

Heidi has taken her passion for human potential and created Alive Wellness Retreats - Australia's first & most successful holistic mental health retreat, The Alive Process - A Holistic Therapist Training Program For Mental Health Professionals, The Ladies Life School - online programs for empowering women to create balance in all life areas and Guru For Her - an online subscription platform bringing the world's best motivational gurus together under one roof. 



Learn To Create Your Best Life. Then Inspire Others To Do The Same.

Imagine starting Day 1: You’ve been feeling restless, stuck, lacking passion in your life or business and thirsty for new knowledge.  You have a desire to help others and just want to get moving. You are totally ready to start something new and you just don't know how to get the pieces of the puzzle to fit and in the right order and don't have years to study. You’ve reached a plateau and you need a new bag of tools. You feel you are ready for a new chapter and are ready to start.

4 weeks in: You are crystal clear on what your own personal and professional vision is. You have cleaned up A WHOLE LOT OF MESS in your own life and have gained some powerful skills for how to coach others and yourself. And you've removed all roadblocks in the way. For the first time in a long time you have real clarity about how to serve. Your health has had a revamp and you are feeling clear minded, energised and ready to make some serious changes. You've got clear tools for helping others revamp their health too. You are beginning to see that you can really help others become the artist of their own life just as you are and you have the support to make it happen.


8 weeks in: You have eradicated a lot of your own stress and now have life long powerful tools to prevent it completely. And you know exactly how to help others do the same. You are excited about the fast effective tools you've gained. You've been coached and are loving coaching others.  You know you have the roadmap and gifts to help others become internally strong and start to walk with your head held high and a spring in your step. You have a desire to help your clients feel complete, feel home within their SELF, you feel empowered. You even feel blissed out sometimes and smile for no good reason at all. People start to notice these changes and ask you what you are up to ;-)

12 weeks in: You have crafted a vision for what holds the most meaning to you personally and professionally. You know exactly how to help others pinpoint their self limitations and what is holding them back. You are filling in the gaps and your new vision for coaching is exciting. As your own purpose and passion starts to shine you are chomping at the bit to inspire others to find their life path. Your mindfulness and meditation practice is becoming embedded into your life and so is your new schedule of balance. You feel confident that the templates and tool kit you have will massively help you and your clients get the job done.

16 weeks in: You’ve committed to a bigger vision - a personal mission that gets you inspired into action on being the master of your future without fear and inspiring others to live this way.  With paintbrush in hand, you’re creating your reality and manifesting with ease and grace. Your coaching boundaries and vision is firm. Your coaching skills are soaring! You feel fulfilled and super excited about where you are heading.  You know without a shadow of a doubt that YOU ARE GOING TO PULL THIS OFF —because you have something to give. YOU ARE SERVING IN A BIG WAY.


What You Get


16 Weeks of Training + Transform Your Own Life:

16 Video Training Modules (7 Days Each)  - Keep Them For Life

Weekly Coaching Worksheets & Client Coaching Templates

1 Weekly Live Video Packed With Touch Up Tools Answering Your Questions

Weekly Practice Coaching With Course Attendees - Coach and Be Coached Live & Learn From Others Coaching Styles

Facebook Support Group & Posting For Accountability & Support

Join The Alive Process Alumni Community After Completion

Listing As An Alive Coach On Heidi's Website - Referrals From Heidi To Work With Her Clients

Heidi's Coaching Resource Library of Recommended Reading and Viewing

Opportunity To Run Your Own Alive Process Retreats - Further Training Required

*All lessons can be done at your own pace (don't worry if you fall behind you'll have the material for life)

Total Investment

16 Payments of 225 USD 


1 Payment of 3500 USD

Not sure?

No worries. This program comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!


If you 100% complete the first four weeks of training and you feel The Alive Process does nothing for you and can prove it will not help you as a coach, I’ll happily refund the cost of your training. 

I stand so firmly behind this work (I have 10 years and hundreds of happy clients to back it), that I know you’ll get immense value from it.

There is seriously no risk. Just think about it…A month from now you can still be where you are now


You can make massive change with me and begin to experience the joy, passion and purpose you were meant to feel and have an entire new tool kit to work with.  

Yes! I'm In...

You can pre-apply to be considered for this program below. Course registration opens 7 days before program start on Feb 3 2019. Heidi will be in touch if your registration has been approved. 

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