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A powerful coach that works on every aspect of your life and not just one area?

Do you want to have the body & health that gives you the energy & focus you desire to build a life you will love?

Do you want to tap into who you really are move past your self limitations?

Do you want to wake up excited about every day ready to serve your life?

Do you want inner calm and emotional intelligence that will make you unstoppable?

Do you want to show up with organic confidence & know your own worth?

Do you want truly connected relationships on every level?

Do you want to run with your passions and purpose and serve your life vision in a big way?

Do you want to accelerate your life vision & serve in a big way?

Do you want a personal motivator who keeps you accountable, goes deep and gives you the support you need in your life, health, relationships and business?

I get it. I've been there. There was a time my life, health and mental health was in the toilet. In the past 18 years I have crafted a unique process to revolutionise every aspect of your life and business. I've built stellar health, created a vision for my life that I live by, built multiple successful businesses & helped transform the hearts, minds and lives of thousands.

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My Mission Is To...


Help you create a life on every level that leaves you unstoppable.

I'm here to give you everything I've learned over 18 years and what I wish my 23 year old self knew.

Health. Self. Relationships. Business & More...

Everything is touching everything... This is the philosophy I live by. We are not just our body our mind or what we do and have in the world. We are complex unique interesting & powerful individuals - I work with the whole person to give you the results in life and business that you are seeking.

I help you get to the core of what is holding you back from the inside out. I go beyond personal coaching and work with you on every level  - including your health, mental health, emotional wellbeing, relationships, business, prosperity and life purpose.

I teach you proven tools - not just talk and most of all you take action and I get you results.  I am here to support you in finding your flow & removing fear and I do it in record time with an intensive approach to self empowerment for individuals and companies.

I help each individual find your passion & become the person you want to be. I help you transform stress for purposeful living. I help you love your life and revitalise your body and mind and build the relationships, lifestyle and success you desire.

I have facilitated more than 350 wellness retreats and hold a record or more than 10 000 hours coaching more than 2000 clients face to face with record results.

Whether I am working with you in your business, in your relationship or to help you become the best you can be - I work holistically. Because everything is touching everything.

I've never met a business owner or corporate leader who didn't need to rejuvenate their health and build emotional intelligence to know how to fundamentally build great relationships. I've never worked on a relationship that didn't need the individual inner work and mind tools and tools for greater health. I've never worked in mental health with anyone who didn't need to heal their body and learn to transform their relationship to themselves and mind. 

Because I work with the WHOLE PERSON you receive results in record time.

Heidi Shannon

My Life Changing Process

Transform Your Physical Health

Physical Health ~ Daily Habits ~ Nutrition & Gut Health ~ Self Care ~ Exercise 

Fuelling the body to have the health, clarity, energy, focus, sleep and life we want. Without this nothing else is possible.

Craft Your Vision

Live With Purpose

Skills ~ Values ~ Passion ~ Purpose ~ Opportunities ~ Resourcefulness ~ Vision

Defining your skills, purpose, passion, core values, vision & WHY you do what you do in life, relationships and business. Become the best you can be as you step into the greatest version of yourself.

Create Inner Calm & Peace

~ Emotional Awareness ~ Emotional Intelligence ~ Stress Management ~ Inner Calm ~ Mindfulness & Meditation

Removing inner roadblocks to create the self calm, mental strength & emotional calm we desire.

Take Action & Live Your Dream Life

Build a Career Business & Wealth From Your Passions & Purpose - Serve Up Your Genius to The World ~ Create With Fast Easy Effective Tools ~ Build Wealth & Freedom On Your Terms

Deep Connection To Self & Others

Communication ~ Understanding ~ Intimate Relationships ~ Connection ~ Confidence

Losing fear, crafting your identity & creating stellar personal and professional relationships & step into your power.

Accelerate Your


~ Harmony ~ Living The Ultimate Life ~ Going Big ~ Serving Big

Creating the ultimate vision for your life and running with it for the long term. Craft a dream vision and take action on it.

I'll keep you accountable day in and day out.




Heidi Shannon is a leading expert in the field of deep coaching, transformational work, business, mindfulness, and yoga. She has grown multiple successful businesses as a successful entrepreneur in the wellness industry. She offers a carefully created set of practical tools to promote outstanding health, mental and emotional well-being, and living a life of purpose.

Heidi has empowered the masses create a life worth living and turn their passions into successful businesses and working with top performers to craft a life they've only ever dreamed of.

Through her retreats, unique coaching methods, and corporate programs she has helped countless people connect with their soul, transform their bodies, empower their minds, and fall in love with themselves.

Heidi inspires you to serve on purpose and shine your genius.

Throughout her career, Heidi has facilitated over 350 wellness retreats and worked personally with her clients over 10 000 hours face to face.

Heidi has taken her passion for human potential and created Alive Wellness Retreats - a world first & the most successful holistic mental health retreat, The Alive Process - A Holistic Therapist Training Program For Mental Health Professionals, The Ladies Life School - online programs for empowering women to create balance in all life areas, Human Potential Unlimited - a high performance model for the elite at the top of their game and  ILLUMINATE - an online holistic coaching and wellness platform to empower the masses.

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Illuminate With Us - Personal Development Program

The Purpose Project - Purpose, Business & Marketing

Alive - Mental Health Transformation


Industry Praise

Natasha Patten

Senior Yoga & Mindfulness Coach, Bsc Psychology & Neuroscience

Holy crap you are a genious! This process really works! It's unbelievable seeing the changes before your eyes with clients who were really struggling

to now seeing the effects of your tools a few days in. Wow. 

Gosia Kuszewski

Food Matters Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

I've just finished watching your video workshop for therapists on the gut brain connection & nutrition. OMG! Your passion and knowledge got me so excited I wanted to share it with everyone I know. 

Suzi Le Fanue

Naturopathic Doctor, Biomedicine, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist

You fill in all the missing links for what every person needs to live a happy and full life and the way in which you deliver it is so needed in this world. Your service to humanity is admirable.

Emile Steenveld

Speaker,  Coach & Creator Of Elevate

Thanks for inspiring me to be a better coach. What you do works hands down. I'm stunned at how awesome your refreshing and passionate approach to the wellbeing of others is. 

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