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You’d think that being healthy & happy would be easy…right? After all people keep telling you and you keep telling yourself that you should be more grateful/happy/content with what you have... But all those 'feel good' perspectives and ability to see the green through the trees go completely out the window when life serves you something unexpected, or your body completely breaks or you are just simply too busy to keep up with exercise and eating good food and the lack of self care is where everything begins to unravel.

Maybe it's stress that is getting the better of you or maybe your body really needs a serious injection of nutrition and care. Maybe you just know that there is simply more to this life for you and your drive for that is so strong you simply just can't do things the same way anymore and you know that something is going to give if you don't change things right now.

The world tells us that to be healthy we need to eat our fruit and vege, go to the gym and avoid sugar and you should look great, feel great and the world will be amazing.


But I'm here to tell you it's not always that simple. I'm also here to tell you that you should stop giving yourself such a hard time about not feeling and looking amazing 24/7. What makes you feel amazing (and I mean on all levels) is not what makes another person feel amazing. You are a unique creature and unique creatures need unique recipes for health and happiness.

I'm here to guide you along a more deeply meaningful pathway that is unique to you. It does involve some healthy foods but also involves digging deep into your core and getting real about what you want from this life, what you have to offer the world and help you see how much strength you have in adversity. It means supporting yourself fully, learning the art of self kindness and implementing some simple but profoundly effective tools.

When it comes to dealing with stress or trying to kick start a health regime we all try many different approaches amidst our despair to help ourselves. I know I certainly did.

Maybe you feel like you know how you should eat, but you end up self sabotaging your efforts.

Maybe you tell yourself that on 'Monday I will start to meditate or stop drinking or start exercising'...blah, blah, blah you know how it goes. Maybe you can't even get up out of bed anymore.

Perhaps you have a hormonal or chemical imbalance, or another health issue that makes feeling like a healthy person an impossible task? Maybe you are even completely unaware that this is what you are dealing with and you are blaming yourself for how you feel?

Maybe you struggle to find balance in the madness of the modern world, have lost your purpose or worse feel like giving up entirely.

I understand.

More than that – I have BEEN there. By being there in the midst of severe stress and body breakdown, Alive was created. So it is through those crappy times that one of the most wonderful retreats in the world was created. Good things can come from adversity.

I would like to welcome you to the rest of your life. I am not going to cast any spells or wave any magic wands or make grand promises. Instead I'll pass on all the helpful tools and knowledge that myself and my team have discovered through our own personal and professional experience helping change many lives at our wellness retreats. I look forward to helping you transform life on all levels.

There is a wealth of information inside these pages that can help you do just that. Just follow the easy
links to get the most out of each and every area of the site. As your personal holistic mental health coach I offer you a stack of tools, resources warmth and support within this site.

To get the most out of my help and support you need to take advantage of everything on this site and put it into action. To make sure you do just that I will support you with our interactive online coaching sessions where we can get to know each other well.

Yoga and meditation will ensure you rebuild a deep and kind relationship with yourself and your body & ensure that we can help you restore a connection with your true self and helps us find deep inner peace through times of suffering.

The Alive revolutionary Mental Health Detox (for healing depression, anxiety and many other associated nervous system diseases) is inspired by top mental health professionals and will help you repair and restore your digestive system and the health of your nervous system. Your monthly healthy eating plans will ensure your health is restored permanently and that you have an abundance of inspiration with healthy eating recipes & cooking classes on tap.

You can interact with others exploring the same journey through the forum and encourage each other to re create the best version of your life. If you ever need one on one support we can work closely together if you wish.








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